Kidnapped Love

Kasey Stokes is Nick Stokes's daughter and he is very protective of her but what happens when he lets her go to her friend Alissa's party and she ends up sleeping with Jason McCann


8. Chapter 7❤️

* Kasey's Pov * 

Waking up to my phone ringing I grabbed it to see my aunt Teresa was calling. 

[ Phone Convo ]
Me - hello 
Teresa - we're down the street from your house 
Me - okay 
[ End Of Phone Convo ]

I looked at the time to see it was almost four thirty in the morning. 

A few minutes later I heard a knock on the front door. Opening it I see my aunt Teresa and little cousin Marissa with her suitcase. 

My aunt gave her a kiss and said and said goodbye to her then left. 

Closing the door I grabbed Marissa's hand and brought her to my room where I put her suitcase down and we got in my bed and went back to sleep. 

~ Few Hours Later ~ 

Waking up to knocking on my door I groaned and got out of bed. 

Opening the door I seen Alissa sanding at my doorway. 

" what is it " I said 

" we're going to iHop at eight thirty and it's eight o'clock so hurry up and get ready " Alissa said 

" okay " I said and closed my door and went over to Marissa who was still sleep and shook her awake. 

" what time is it " she said sleepily.

" it's eight o'clock so get in the tub because we're going to iHop for breakfast " I said and her eyes went wide and she started jumping up & down on my bed. 

" really " she said all happy 

" yup " I said and went to my bathroom and ran Marissa a bath and turned the shower on for me. 

Marissa got in and I washed her up then I washed her hair. After that's wrapped a towel around her and sat her on my bed. 

" are you going to take a bath too " Marissa asked

" yes , get dressed and I'll do your hair okay " I said 

" yes " she said and I smiled at her and got in the shower. 

Getting out out I dried off then went to my closet and put on an outfit. I curled my hair and put on my diamond heart necklace and put in my heart hoop earrings. Going over to Marissa I stood her up in a chair and curled her hair. After I curled her hair I grabbed my phone and called Jason. 

[ Phone Convo ]
Jason🌹🔐 - hello 
Me - hey are you doing anything rite now
Jason🌹🔐 - no why
Me - my friend and her mom are going to iHop I was wondering if you wanted to meet us there 
Jason🌹🔐 - sure I could use some breakfast 
Me - alright I'll text you the directions 
Jason🌹🔐 - okay
[ End Of Phone Convo ]

Leaving my room with Marissa behind me I closed my room door. 

Once I was downstairs we left the house and got in Diane's car. 

Making sure Marissa was strapped in her seat I got in and strapped myself in. As we were driving I texted Jason the directions to iHop and Marissa was singing Let It Go from Frozen. As we pulled up in to iHop we got out and I seen Jason pull up. He got out and walked up to me. 

" don't you look cute " Jason said 

" and don't you look hot " I said

" I try " Jason said and I rolled my eyes and grabbed Marissa's hand and we walked inside then got a table for five.

Sitting down we we handed menus. I looked over the breakfast menu deciding on what to get. I felt Marissa reach over and touch my arm. I then leaned over to her. 

" is he your boyfriend " Marissa said nodding her head to Jason and I smiled. 

" yes " I said 

" he has pretty eyes " she said 

" he does doesn't he what do you want to eat " I said 

" pancakes eggs bacon and orange juice " Marissa said 

" okay " I said and a waitor came over to our table. 

" can I start everyone off with drinks " the waitor asked

" can I have a sprite and a water then the little one wants an orange juice " I said 

" can I get a coffee " Diane said 

" a coke no ice " Alissa said 

" and I'll have a sprite " Jason said and the waitor wrote down what drinks we wanted. 

" I'll be back with your drinks " the waitor said and he walked away and we started talking. 

" after breakfast I have a surprise for you " Jason said to me

" what is it " I asked 

" I can't tell you it's a surprise " Jason said and our waitor arrived a few minutes later with our drinks. 

" your food should be here shortly " the waitor said and I took a sip of my drink and turned to look at Jason. 

" okay so last night Alissa her mom and I went out to eat for dinner and our waitor kept looking at me and when he gave us our food I ate it then on the way home I told Alissa's mom to stop the car ad I got out and threw up " I said 

" what are you saying " Jason said 

" I'm saying that the waitor could've put something in my food " I said 

" what did the waitor look like " Jason asked

" he has dark hair and had black stretchers in his ears " I said

" what else " he said 

" that's all I remember he looked to be in his early twenties " I said and Jason sat there quietly with his hand on his chin thinking. 

By by that time our food came and we were all eating. I cut up Marissa's pancakes and she started eating along with the rest of us.

" to let you know I am not mad at you " Jason said 

" okay " I said and when we were all done eating we left a tip and got up then left to the cars.

I was going over to Jason's car when I hear Marissa. 

" Kasey I want to go with you " Marissa said and I looked at Jason and he nodded his head saying she can go.

Jason grabbed her car seat and Marissa got in then Jason buckled her in. As for me I got in and fastened my seatbelt and Jason did the same thing. 

" what's her name " Jason asked 

" Marissa " I said 

" hey Marissa do you like Frozen " he asked Marissa and she looked and nodded her head.

" of course she does " I said 

" do you want to watch it " he asked and her eyes got wide and she got all happy and excited clapping her hands. 

Jason then played the movie Frozen on the dvd player that came from the roof. Arriving at Jason's huge house he parked his car and we got out. Jason picked Marissa up and we went inside the house and up the stairs then stopped in front of a door.

" what do you have to show me " I asked 

" before I show you what is in the room you have to close your eyes and don't open them until I say so " Jason said and I nodded my head and closed my eyes. 

" okay " I said 

" I've been working on this since yesterday a couple of the guys helped me " he said and I heard a door open and I was being led by Jason into the room.

" can I open my eyes now " I said 

" on te count of three " Jason said and he started to count starting at one to three.

When Jason got to three I opened my eyes and gasped at what I am seeing. 

" you did this " I asked and it was a nursery for my baby boy. 

" yup did this all day yesterday and this morning " Jason said and I smiled and went up to him and kissed him. 

" you didn't have to do this " I said 

" but I wanted to " he said 

" you are something else " I said 

" I am aren't I " Jason said I have him one last kiss and we left his house and he dropped Marissa and I off at my house. 

Marissa and I were laying on the couch in the living room and she was playing with my stomach. 

" you're getting fat " Marissa said 

" no I'm having a baby " I said and her eyes widened and she gasped.

" there's a baby in there " she said 

" yup " I said and lifted up my dress and places her hands on y stomach rubbing it.

" is it a boy or girl " Marissa asked

" a boy " I said 

" I'm getting a boy cousin " she said 

" yup you want to feel him kick " I asked Marissa and she nodded her head and I tapped as pot on my stomach near her hands and soon enough Aaron kicked that spot. 

" when will he be out " Marissa asked

" in two months " I said 

" why can't he come out now " Marissa asked 

" because he's not ready " I said 

" I need someone to play with " Marissa said 

" you want to come to the store with me " I asked Marissa 

" can I get candy " Marissa asked

" yes " I said and got up and put on my shoes on then I grabbed my keys and left the house. 

I strapped Marissa in her car seat and got in the car then I started it up and drove to the store. Arriving at Target I got out and took Marissa out of her seat. I grabbe her hand and went to get a basket then I put her inside. Going inside the store I started walking around grabbing cookies and crackers and candy for Marissa which was Gummy Bears. As I was walking down the chip aisle I hear my phone go off. I looked to see a text from and unknown number.

Unknown Number - I'm watching you Kasey 

I deleted the number and went to the cashier and paid for my stuff. Walking out to my car I put the bags alone with Marissa in the car. I made sure I strapped Marissa in her seat and went to the driver door. 

Unknown Number - you can't run or hide from me Kasey 

I got in the car and fastened my seat belt and drove home. Getting out I unfastened Marissa and took the bags inside. I quickly closed then blinds , locking the windows and all the doors. Without thinking twice I dialed Jason's number.

[ Phone Convo ]
Jason🌹🔐 - yes Kasey
Me - I'm going to need you to get here 
Jason🌹🔐 - why what's wrong
Me - I think someone is following and watching me
Jason🌹🔐 - okay I'm on my way
[ End Of Phone Convo ]

Not even close to thirty minutes later there was a knock on the door. Slowly I made my way to the door and looked out the peep hole to see Jason. I opened the door to let Jason in and he pulled me into a hug. 

" what's going on " Jason asked 

" I'm getting text messages from this person saying they're watching me and stuff like that " I said

" where's your phone " Jason asked 

" on the couch " I said and Jason went over to my phone and unlocked it and went to my messages. 

I then hen started pacing around around beginning to freak out. Jason saw me and got up then wrapped his arms around me trying to comfort me. 

" it's going to be okay just take a deep breath and calm down " Jason said and by then I started crying and shaking. 

" I can't knowing that I'm being stalked bye someone and I'm seven months pregnant " I said and Jason started my back calming me down. 

" calm down I'll take care of it " Jason said and for a few more minutes Jason held me and I began to calm down knowing Jason will handle it. 

Knowing him him he was going to do what he has to do to handle a situation. I pulled away from him and sat on the couch. Jason then went to the backyard leaving me with Marissa.

* Jason's Pov * 

I went out to Kasey's backyard with her phone and dialed one of the members in the gang named Joshua. 

[ Phone Convo ] 
Joshua - hello
Me - hey Josh I'm gonna need a favor
Joshua - and what would that be 
Me - when I get back I need you to track something for me 
Joshua - okay I'll be waiting 
Me - alright thank you
Joshua - no problem 
[ End Of Phone Convo ]

Going back into the house I seen Kasey laid down with Marissa in front of her watching tv. 

" I'm going t borrow your phone to track the number " I said 

" okay when will I get it back " Kasey asked 

" might be tomorrow or later " I said

" okay " Kasey said and I bent down and kissed Kasey and said bye to her and Mariasa then left. 

Arriving at my house I got out then went to Joshua in my office at the computer. I handed him Kasey's phone and he began to track that number. 

~ Hours Later ~ 

I groaned as my head began pounding for staring at the computer waiting for Joshua to find out who and where that number came from. 

" got it " I hear Joshua say and my popped up to Joshua. 

There was a dot blinking on a locational. 

" where was it sent from " I asked 

" here in Las Vegas " Joshua said 

what's the address " I asked 

" 9107 Salt Lake Ave " he said and I wrote down the address and grabbed Kasey's phone. 

" thank you Josh I owe you one " I said 

" no it's okay I would do the same thing for my girl if she was pregnant and someone was stalking her " Joshua said and I left the house and got in my car and drove back to Kasey's house.

Getting out I knocked on the door and seconds later I seen Kasey at the door. 

" did you track it " Kasey asked 

" yea it's somewhere in Las Vegas I have the address " I said 

" so what are you going to do " Kasey asked 

" like I said I'll take care of it " I said 

" okay fine " Kasey said and I handed her back her phone and said bye to her and left to the warehouse. 

* Kasey's Pov * 

After Jason left I sat on the couch next to Marissa and we watched Frozen. My phone then began ringing and I looked at my phone to see Diane calling.

[ Phone Convo ]
Me - hello
Diane - do you have your ice chest cooler of your dads
Me - yea it's in the closet why
Diane - we're going to the beach tomorrow it's going to be hot
Me - okay 
Diane - alright I'll be there tomorrow morning 
Me - okay bye
Diane - bye
[ End Of Phone Convo ]

I sat my phone down and looked at Marissa. 

" was that my mommy " Marissa asked 

" no but guess what " I said 

" what " she said 

" we get to go to the beach " I said 

" when " Marissa asked

" tomorrow " I said and her eyes went wide and she started jumping up and down screaming and clapping her hands. 

Later her on that night I was in the kitchen making Marissa macaroni and cheese for dinner. When I was done I sat her food on the table and she began to eat her food. While she ate her food I made myself a sandwich along with some chips and hawiian punch. I then sat next to Marissa at the table and began to eat my food. After we both finished eating our food I took Marissa upstairs and ran her a bath.
When her bath was ready I took off her clothes and put her in the tub. I let Marissa play with her Barbie dolls for a few minutes then I washed her up. I got Marissa out of the bath and took her to my room then dried her off and put her pajamas on. Grabbing her sippy cup I filled it up with milk and gave it to her. We then got in my bed and fell asleep.

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