Kidnapped Love

Kasey Stokes is Nick Stokes's daughter and he is very protective of her but what happens when he lets her go to her friend Alissa's party and she ends up sleeping with Jason McCann


7. Chapter 6❤️

 * Kasey's Pov * 

Waking up I went down to the kitchen and made pancakes , bacon , and eggs then I poured a cup of orange juice. Grabbing my food I went to the living room and sat on the couch and started eating. Hearing footsteps come down the stairs I already knew it was Alissa. She passed by me to go into the kitchen and stopped. 

" you know even though you're pregnant you could've made every person in the house breakfast " Alissa said 

"we'll you know this is my house " I said

" you don't pay bills around here " she said 

" so what it's still my house " I said 

" whatever " Alissa said and I rolled my eyes and shook my head turning my attention to the tv. 

Taking my phone out I texted Jason.

[ Text Convo ]
Me - are you free rite now😁
Jason🌹🔐 - yea why😳
Me - can you come over☺️
Jason🌹🔐 - what's wrong 
Me - nothing I just want to show you something☺️😏
Jason🌹🔐 - oh okay I'll be in my way 😀
[ End Of Text Convo ]

Getting off the couch I went it the kitchen and put my plate in the sink. 

*Jason's Pov * 

After Kasey texted me I got in my car and drove to her house thinking something was wrong with her and the baby. Arriving at Kasey's house I got out and walked up to her door then knocked on it. Seconds later Kasey opened the door. She stepped aside and allowed me in then we sat in her living room. 

" so what did you want to show me " I asked Kasey and she reached in her back pocket and pulled out what looked like a picture. 

It was a sonogram picture of our baby. 

" this was from yesterday " Kasey said and I looked at her then back at the picture and tears threatened to come out of my eyes. 

" this is our son " I said 

" yea it is , I thought it was adorable " Kasey said and I bent my head down and kissed her 7 month pregnant stomach then I rubbed it feeling Aaron kick. 

That at was the best feeling I ever felt in my exsistance. 

" I love you both " I said and kissed Kasey's stomach multiple times then kissed Kasey on the lips. 

" we love you too " she said and we pulled away from each other and I stood up. 

" I love you both so much more than words can describe " I said to Kasey.

" love you more than life itself " Kasey said 

" not possible " I said 

" yes possible " she said and I gave Kasey one last kiss I left her house and got in my car and drove to my secret warehouse. 

* Kasey's Pov * 

After Jason left I went up to my room and put on this it was bit cold outside today so I dressed warm. I put y hair in a bun and grabbed my phone. Going back downstairs I called for Alissa. 

" Alissa " I called out 

" what " I hear Alissa say

" come to target with me " I said 

" why " she said 

" can you just come with me please " I said 

" alright " Alissa said and she went upstairs then came downstairs ready to go with me. 

Grabbing my keys Alissa and I got in my car and I drove to Target. Once there we got out and went inside getting a basket. Walking over to where the hair stuff is I put a black flat iron in the basket. 

" what else do I need " I said 

" I don't know " Alissa said 

" where would I find hair stuff for kids " I asked Alissa 

" go ask someone " Alissa said and I walked around for someone with a red shirt on.

Finding a lady with glasses I walked up to her. 

" how may I help you " the lady said 

" do you know where I can find children's hair stuff " I asked 

" in the hair section by the shampoo " the lady said 

" thank you " I said 

" you're welcome " the lady said and I went to the hair section and grabbed rubber bands , hair spray , and gel for my little cousins hair.

My aunt and uncle are going out of town so my little cousin Marissa is staying for a few days. Since she's coming tomorrow morning I had everything for her. Anyway I found what I needed and went over to the little girls clothes. I pulled out my phone and called my aunt Teresa. 

[ Phone Convo ] 
Teresa - hey Kasey
Me - hey aunt Teresa what size does Marissa wear in shirts and pants
Teresa - in shirts a 2t and pants a 3t why
Me - cause I'm at Target getting some stuff
Teresa - oh thanks
Me - you're welcome 
[ End Of Phone Convo ]

After getting everything I needed I went to the cashier and paid for everything then Alissa and I left Target and got into car and I drove to my house. Going inside I went up to my room and say my bags down. Heading downstairs I seen Diane in the kitchen. 

" hey Diane " I said 

" hello Kasey " Diane said 

" how was your day so far " I asked 

" good so I was thinking that us girls go out to eat tonight take a girls night " Diane said 

" sounds fun " I said 

" okay so I say around nine or ten o'clock " she said 

" okay " I said and left the kitchen with a strawberry poptart up to my room and laid in bed. 

After eating the poptart I closed my eyes and took a nap. 

~ A Few Hours Later ~

I woke up from my nap and checked my phone to see it was six thirty in the evening. I sighed and got out of bed then went downstairs to the living room. I then sat on the couch next to Alissa who was on her phone. 

" I need your help on what to wear tonight " Alissa said 

" I know I need help on what to wear " Alissa said 

" okay fine " I said and for a couple more hours we sat on the couch watching tv. 

When the time eight o'clock came around I had got out the shower and I had my outfit out so I put on my bra & panties then put on my outfit. I curled my hair and put on my stud earrings and silver music note diamond necklace. After I was done getting dressed I applied mascara then my red lips gloss. 

After I made sure I had everything I put my phone , id, and money in my black travel wallet. Going downstairs I waited for Alissa and Diane. Alissa came down first dressed followed by Diane. We left the house to Diane's car and got in. 

Diane then drove the restaurant and parked then we all got out.

* Diane's Pov * 

Once we all got out my car we went inside. 

" table for three " I said 

" follow me " the women in the front said and she started walking to an empty table and myself , Kasey , and Alissa followed her.

As we sat down the lady whose name was Linda gave us our menus. 

For a few minutes we looked over our menus and a new waitor came over.

" good evening ladies my name is Dominic and I'll be your waitor for today " the boy named Dominic said nicely 

" hello " I said 

" can I start you guys off with drinks " Dominic asked

" can I get a white wine " I said 

" a sprite " Kasey said 

" a Pepsi with no ice please " Alissa said and the waitor scribbled down and looked up at us. 

" are you guys ready to order " Dominic asked 

" yea I'll have the Italian pasta with garlic bread " I said 

" I'll have the bacon cheeseburger with fries & chicken Alfredo pasta " Kasey said 

" and I'll have just have the chicken alfredo pasta " Alissa said and Dominic wrote down our order and left the table. 

* Kasey's Pov * 

As Dominic left our table he looked at me with this creepy look in his eyes which made me feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Not realizing my name being called until someone snapped their fingers in my face. 

" what " I said 

" are you okay " Diane said 

" no something about that waitor make me feel uncomfortable " I said and minutes later our food came and it was Dominic the same guy who made me feel uncomfortable. 

When he was was giving us our plates I didn't bother looking up. When I knew he was gone I looked up and sighed. 

" I get that feeling " Alissa said 

" what do you mean " I said 

" about feeling uncomfortable when he's at the table " she said 

" good " I said 

" he had this psychotic look in his eyes " she said and we talked some more and started eating our food. 

After a few minutes I was full so we got to go containers to go. Diane left a tip and we got up and left. 

Getting in the car I fastened my seat belt and Diane drove to my house. On the way to the house my stomach began to feel not so good. 

" Diane can you pull over please " I asked and Diane pulled over and I undid my seatbelt then got out and puked up everything I ate. 

After I pulled for the third time I wiped my mouth and got back in the car. Once Diane stopped the car in my driveway I got out the car and went up to my room. I turned on my shower then got in. Sighing at the feeling I washed and got out then put on my pajamas. I threw my hair into a messy bun and got in bed.

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