Kidnapped Love

Kasey Stokes is Nick Stokes's daughter and he is very protective of her but what happens when he lets her go to her friend Alissa's party and she ends up sleeping with Jason McCann


6. Chapter 5❤️

* Jason's Pov * 

After what happened between Anthony I decided to clear my head. So I got dressed. I put on my black diamond gladiatore watch and I grabbed my keys and headed to my car. I got in and drove to Kasey's house knowing her dad was at work. Parking down the street from her house I walked up to her door and knocked on it then rang the door bell. 

Answering the door was a girl that looked like she was the same age as Kasey. 

" is Kasey here " I asked 

" she is in the backyard by the pool " the girl said 

" thank you " I said and the girl stepped aside I went inside then followed the girl to the backyard where I find Kasey sitting on the edge of the pool with her feet in. 

She looked up at me and smiled at me. 

" what are you doing here " she said 

" had to clear my head and come see you " I said 

" really " she said 

" yea can we talk " I asked her

" sure " Kasey said and I helped her up. 

* Kasey's Pov * 

Jason helped me up and we walked over to the patio set and he sat down while I sat on his lap. 

" what have you been up to " I asked 

" missing you both " he said and he rubbed my stomach and smiled. 

" really " I said 

" yes really " Jason said 

" okay " I said sarcastically 

" would you ever lie to me " Jason suddenly asked

" no why " I said 

" is the baby mine " he asked 

" yes it is why you think I cheated on you or something " I said 

" no " he said 

" then why would you ask that " I said 

" because a boy I know said that the baby probably isn't mine " Jason said 

" did you believe him " I asked 

" no " he said 

" alright then when you hear something about me ask me if it's true or not " I said 

" okay well I have to go now " Jason said and I got off his lap. 

Jason on kissed my stomach then he hugged and kissed me. I pulled away and Jason left. Going over to the pool I slowly got in making sure I wouldn't fall or anything. Sitting on the first step I closed my eyes at how good the water felt. 

" so you and Jason huh " Alissa said 

" what about us " I said 

" are you guys dating " she asked

" Alissa it is none of your business " Diane said

" but she's my best friend she can tell me " Alissa said 

" I don't know yet I think we're together " I said 

" now was that so hard " she said 

" it's still non of your business about my relationship status " I said 

" well sorry " Alissa said 

" how would you like it if I kept asking you about who you are kissing and stuff like that " I said 

" annoying actually " she said 

" exactly " I said 

" well sorry for wondering and being curious " Alissa said 

" whatever " I said and rolled my eyes. 

For or a couple hours that's all we did was swim in the pool. When we got out I went to my bathroom and turned on the shower. Getting in I first washed my hair then I washed my body. I got out and dried off then got dressed. 

Straightening my hair I grabbed my phone and went to the kitchen and grabbed the ice cream from the freezer and grabbed a spoon. Going into the living room I turned on the tv and started watching some Syfy movie. 

Hearing footsteps coming from the stairs I looked over to see Alissa.

" I'm hungry " Alissa said 

" for what " I said 

" I don't know " she said 

" you know what I've been craving " I said 

" what " she said 

" combination pizza " I said 

" really of all thing pizza " Alissa said 

" yes pizza " I said and just then Diane walked downstairs dressed. 

" Diane can we go to that pizza parlor please " I asked 

" yea come on " Diane said and I put on my shoes and grabbed my phone then we got in Diane's car and she drove to the pizza parlor. 

Sitting down at a table with Alissa Diane stood in line. Once she got to the front of the line Diane ordered a large pepperoni pizza ,a sprite , an orange , and diet Pepsi soda for us to drink and came back to the table. When our pizza was done the worker brought it out to us and sat it on the table.

" this pizza looks so good " I said and grabbed a slice along with Alissa. 

" I know and the crust is crunchy " Alissa said 

" what theme is the baby shower " Diane asked 

" I don't know since I'm having a boy I was thinking a sport " I said 

" what sport " Alissa said 

" I was thinking football because I want him to grow up being somebody not someone who doesn't leave home " I said 

" I feel you " Alissa said and after we finished our pizza we got up and left the pizza parlor then got in the car. 

" Kasey I have to go by my house for a few do you want me to take you home " Diane asked 

" no it's fine " I said and Diane drive to her house and pulled up in the driveway then we had got out. 

Sitting in her living room I seen Alissa's brother Adam come downstairs. 

" hey Kasey " he said 

" hi Adam " I said 

" what have you been up to " Adam asked 

" nothing being pregnant " I said 

" it must suck by being pregnant " Adam says 

" not really I got used to it " I said 

" do you talk to Jason " Adam asked 

" yea he apologized for writing that note " I said 

" that's nice " he said 

" yup " I said and heard footsteps I turned to see Diane and Alissa. 

" you ready Kasey " Diane asked 

" yea " I said and tried to get up but went back down cause of my stomach.

Trying it again with the help of Adam I got up off the couch and followed Diane to the car and got in. 

" has your dad ever thought about dating ever since your mom died " Alissa asked

" I don't know but I wish she was " I said and we pulled up in my driveway we had got out and I seen my dads' job car next to mine. 

We went inside the house and I heard my dad in the kitchen on the phone. 

" but I don't think he'll fall for it he's very smart " I heard my dad say and that's when I had walked into the kitchen and my dad ended his call quickly. 

" hey dad " I said 

" hey where have you been " my dad asked 

" at Alissa's house " I said 

" what did you guys do today " he said

" we went swimming then to the pizza parlor and the pizza was good " I said 

" did you remember you have an appointment in a couple of hours " my said reminding me

" no I forgot but thank you for reminding me " I said 

" good thing I was here to remind you " my dad said 

" yea you were I'm sleepy so I'll be upstairs in my room " I said 

" okay I'll come and wake you up when it's almost time for your appointment " he said 

" alright " I said and walked up to my room and plugged up my phone then I laid in bed. 

An hour and a half later I woken up by my dad knocking in my door. 

" Kasey it's almost three thirty " I hear my dad say 

" okay okay " I said and sat up in bed and I grabbed my phone and headed downstairs.

Putting my flip flops on Alissa , Diane , and I got in Diane's car and drove to the doctors. 

* Nick's Pov * 

After Kasey , Alissa , and Diane left I pulled out my phone and dialed Frank's number. 

[ Phone Convo ]
Frank - what happened
Me - Kasey had walked in 
Frank - did she hear the conversation 
Me - I don't think she did
Frank - okay good so what do you mean he won't fall for it
Me - I know Jason and he's one smart boy
Frank - so then how do we put him in prison
Me - I don't know I can't use Kasey against him she'll hate me for the rest of her life 
Frank - call me back when you thought of a plan 
Me - okay 
[ End Of Phone Convo ]

Setting my phone down I sat there at the kitchen table and started thinking. I grabbed my keys and went to my job car and got in then drove back to work. 

* Kasey's Pov * 

Once we got to the doctors I checked myself in and sat down and waited. When my name was called Diane , Alissa and I got up and followed the nurse so she could check my height and weight then my temperature. After that was done I went to a sonogram room and waited for my doctor. Hearing a knock on the door my doctor walked in.

" good afternoon Kasey " Dr. Adams said 

" hello Dr. Adams " I said 

" how have you and the baby been " Dr. Adams asked 

" we've been good he just kicks a lot " I said 

" that's normal now shall we see your baby " he said and I laid down and pulled my shirt up under my breast and the doctor put the gel on my stomach and started moving the thing to see the baby around my stomach looking at the baby. 

Looking up at the monitor I ha tears in my eyes. My baby was sucking his thumb. 

" aww look how cute " I said 

" so adorable he is sucking his thumb " Alissa said 

" this is so cute my little angle " I said 

" everything seems to be fine duet date is still September 27 " Dr.Adams said 

" okay " I said and he cleaned off the gel that was on my stomach. 

Pulling mu my shirt down I sat up and got down then waited for my doctor to bring back the ultrasound pictures. 

Once he did he handed them to me and we said bye then left the doctors. Once we arrived at my house I seen that my dad was gone since his job car was gone. Going inside the house I sat on the couch and turned on the tv. 

I eventually dozed off but then was woken up by my phone ringing and it was my dad. 

[ Phone Convo ]
Me - hello
Dad💚 - hey are you guys home 
Me - yea
Dad💚 - so everything is okay nothing wrong with the baby
Me - yea everything is okay
Dad💚 - also I might be a little late coming home
Me - okay 
Dad💚 - alright bye
Me - bye
[ End Of Phone Convo ]

Getting up off the couch I went up to my room. I took off my shorts and bra and went to sleep.

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