Kidnapped Love

Kasey Stokes is Nick Stokes's daughter and he is very protective of her but what happens when he lets her go to her friend Alissa's party and she ends up sleeping with Jason McCann


4. Chapter 3❤️

* Jason's Pov *

I can't believe I finally got my love and our baby with me now. I felt her stomach earlier , the thought of her carrying my so brought a smile to my face. Right now I'm in my office scheduling a meeting. I looked at my watch to see it was almost midnight. I squeezed the bridge of my nose sighing heavily and left my office to my room. Stripping my clothes I changed into a pair of gray sweats and got in bed then wrapped my arm around Kasey's stomach.

* Kasey's Pov *

I felt myself getting sick and I ran to the bathroom and puked in the toilet. I flushed the toilet and stood up then realized I wasn't in my bathroom. I walked out bathroom to the bedroom I look towards the bed and seen a body under the cover. I quietly walked over to the person and lifted the blankets to see Jason McCann. I screamed making Jason shoot up from his sleep.

" what's wrong what happened " Jason said

" where am I and why am I here " I said

" you're still in Vegas just in another part of Vegas and you're here because I want you too be " he said

" why do you want me here I want nothing too do with you " I said

" now why is that " Jason said

" because I am better off without you I thought you said you wanted nothing to do with me and I was just some toy to you " I said

" I regret writing that note and I'm sorry " he said

" sorry doesn't cut it you know what forget it I don't need any stress rite now on me or my son just take me back home " I said

" I can't do that " Jason said

" and why not " I said

" because you both ate finally mine " he said

" I am being serious " I said

" so am I " he said and we argued for about thirty minutes when a sharp pain shot through my stomach

I groaned in pain , my hand shooting to my stomach rubbing it trying to make the pain go away. Jason got off the bed and wrapped his arms around me. He whispered for me to calm down and take deep breathes. When I finally did calm down the pain stopped in my stomach. I then collapsed down to my knees and Jason held me in his arms. After about however long it was crying I finally decided to suck it up and face the fact that I am never going home and I am stuck here for the rest of my life.

" We're hungry " I said

" Why don't you stay up here and relax while I go make you both breakfast " he said

" Fine " I said while Jason left downstairs to the kitchen I got back in bed.

* Jason's Pov *

I left the room to the kitchen and started to make Kasey breakfast. After everything was done I out everything on a tray and took it upstairs back to the room. I got to the room and set it down next to her. Shen then started to eat. When she was done she just sat there staring at the tv.

" Are you alright " I said

" Yup he's moving around and it feels weird " Kasey said

" Really " I said

" Yes " she said and I walked over to her and placed my hands on her stomach feeling my son move and kick.

To be honest it did feel weird but then again I was happy because Kasey was carrying my baby.

* Kasey's Pov *

After Jason felt the baby move and kick he left hand on my stomach staring at it.

" I can't believe I made this baby " he said

" Technically we both made this baby " I said

" Also true " Jason said

" Yup we made Aaron " I said

" You named the baby Aaron " Jason said

" Yup you don't like it " I said

" Yes I love it " Jason said

" Good now where is my phone " I said

" Why do you need your phone " Jason asked

" To at least let someone know I am alright I mean come on I'm six months pregnant " I said

" Alright fine " he said and I reached over to the side table and grabbed my phone.

I then dialed Alissa's number.

[ Phone Convo ]

Alissa- hello

Me- hey Alissa

Alissa- oh my gosh where are you they have you as a missing person

Me- really, I'm at a friends house visiting

Alissa- do you need a ride home or something

Me- no I'm alright I called just to let you know I'm okay

Alissa- alright well call if you need to come home

Me- okay bye

[ End Of Phone Convo ]

I exhaled deeply and set my phone down next to me.

" I can't believe I lied to my best friend we tell each other everything " I said

" It'll be okay " Jason said

" She said they have me as a missing person " I said

" Really " Jason said

" Yes " I said

" We'll get through this together okay " Jason said

" Okay " is said hoping he was rite.

~ 1 Month Later ~

It's been a month since I been here with Jason and they still haven't found me yet since they have me as a missing person. He has been really nice to me. People may say he is a cold hearted criminal that doesn't care for no one but himself well they're wrong he isn't. He is actually sweet and nice , he'll cater to my every need. He will rub my feet , buy me any kind of food I want. Rite now Jason was in the kitchen making me lunch which was grilled cheese sandwiches and strawberry ice cream.

" Is it ready yet " I said

" Almost ready " he said from the kitchen

" Well can you hurry up we're hungry " I said

" You just ate like five minutes ago " he said

" So I'm hungry again " I said

" Alright hold on " Jason said coming out the kitchen with a plate of grilled cheese and a bowl of what I guess was strawberry ice cream.

At the sight my stomach growled. He handed me the plate and I started to eat it.

" Thank you " I said

" Anything for you " he said

" You know I'm going to have to tell my dad where I am " I said

" No you don't " he said

" Yes I do " I said

" Please Jason he already knows I'm pregnant by you " I said

" Okay fine " Jason said sighing

" But first take me shopping " I said

" Okay " he said and I went up to his room and went to the clothes a girl that's in Jason's gang bought me as a gift since I didn't have and maternity clothes , well I did but they're at my house.

I put on a pair of black maternity leggings, a maternity knitted gauge top , and white vans. I brushed my hair leaving it down then I grabbed my phone and I went downstairs to see Jason was ready to leave. We got to the mall and went into a maternity store and looked around. I looked for my size and tried the clothes on some had fit some didn't so I put them back. After for almost twenty minutes I got three pairs of pants and a few tops. The next store we went to was a shoe store. Looking at all the shoes they had I decided to get a pair of boots, snadals, and a pair of heels.By the time we left the mall I was relly tired and wanted to sleep. We got back home and I dropped mybags down on the floor and went up to Jason's room and laid in bed. I got hot so I got changed into a boohoo florence chicago oversized t shirt and my tropical lace panties. I put my hair in a messy bun then got back in bed. I eventually went to sleep. I wasn't even sleep for ten minutes when I hear someone yelling downstairs. Groaning I got out of bed and walked tiredly down the stairs to see Jason with a gun in his hand.

" what's going on " I said

" go upstairs " he said

" why " I said

" your dad and his men are here to take me to prison " Jason said

" did they follow us here ? " I asked

" looks like it " he said and I looked out the window to see y dad and his men surrounding the house.

I then started to think of something to do cause if my dad takes Jason to prison I have to raise our baby alone.

" I have to go talk to him " I said

" Kasey don't go out there " Jason said

" I have to " I said and went upstairs and put on a pair of sweats then headed downstairs.

I stood in front of the door nervous as hell. Opening the door I stepped outside and heard my dad telling his men to lower their guns. He then walked up to me.

" Kasey are you okay? " my dad asks

" dad I'm fine but dad you have to call off your men " I said

" do you not realize what he has done " he said

" yes I do " I said

" I don't think you do he has killed innocent people , bombed houses and also kiddnaps girls he even kidnapped you " my dad said and by then I started crying.

I had tears coming out my eys like niagra falls.

" call off your men or I stay " I said

" Kasey you need to- " he started to say but I cut him off

" call them off or I stay I'm not joking " I said

My dad looked at me with hurt eyes. He ha dthe look of hurt, guilt, and sadness. He then gave the signal and called off his men.

" Kasey just please come home " my dad said

" wait " I said and I went back in the house to see Jason still sitting by then window.

" what happened? " Jason asked

" I have to go " I said

" no you can't leave me " he said

" I have to that's the only way for them to not take you to prison " I said then pulled me into a bear hug and I cried into his chest.

I wiped my eyes and went upstairs and got my phone then I hugged Jason one last time and walked out the door. I got in the police car with my dad as my dads' men drove away. My dad ended up driving home. He parked the car in the driveway and turned the car off . I just sat there not saying anything .

" looks Kasey I'm sorry but- " he said and I cut him off

" dad not now please I need some sleep " I said getting out the car and went in the house then went up to my room.

That night I ended up crying myself to sleep because of the cold spot next to me in bed and not having Jason sleep next to me with his warm body. I seriously miss Jason already.

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