Kidnapped Love

Kasey Stokes is Nick Stokes's daughter and he is very protective of her but what happens when he lets her go to her friend Alissa's party and she ends up sleeping with Jason McCann


3. Chapter 2❤️

* Kasey's Pov *

~ 5 Months Later ~

I woke up to see my dad walking inside my room.

" What time is it " I said

" Almost time for your doctors appointment " he said

" okay " I said and got out of bed and headed to my bathroom and took a shower.

I got out then dried off and got dressed in a blue maternity long sleeve top, acid washed jeans, and black toms. I put my hair in waves and grabbed my purse clutch and headed downstairs to see my dad was ready to go. We got in his car and drove to the doctors. We got out and went up to the third floor. Once the elevator stopped we got off and my dad went to the desk in the waiting area while I sat down. He then sat down next to me and we waited until they called my name. When a nurse called my name I followed her to a room where another nurse was and they both checked me like my height and weight. I then followed the same nurse to a sonogram room the nurse had me sit back and wait for her and my doctor. When the nurse and my doctor walked in the doctor asked me how I was doing and I said I was doing okay and he then went and sterilized his hands then put gloves on.

" lift up your shirt and this may be a bit cold " he said and I did lift up my shirt and he squeezed some gel on my stomach.

He then started to move the wand to see the baby and the nurse dimmed the light and we looked at the monitor and saw the most adorable thing ever and that was my baby. After he moved around my stomach looking at the baby he wiped my stomach off and looked at me.

" what's wrong " I said a little worried

" would you like to know what you're having " he asked

" sure " I said

" it's a boy " he said and I started to tear up

" oh my gosh I'm so happy " I said and after my stomach was clean I pulled my shirt down and my dad helped me up and we left the doctors.

As we were on our way home my stomach growled saying that I was hungry.

" are you guys hungry " my dad said

" yes stop by McDonalds please " I said

" okay " my dad said and he took a left turn and went to the McDonalds drive thru and rolled down his window.

" thanks dad " I said

" what do you want to eat " my dad said

" a number six with another side of large fries and cookies " I said and my dad ordered my food then his food and drove to the next window where a lady had our food ready for us.

My dad grabbed the bags and our drinks and drove home. We got out the car and went inside to the couch. I grabbed my food and started to eat. My phone then vibrated in my lap. I looked to see it was a text from Alissa.

~ Text Convo ~

Alissa- what did the doctor say

Me- everything was fine but guess what?

Alissa- what?

Me- I'm having a boy

Alissa- congrats babe

Me- thank you

Alissa- well me, my mom, and dad are on our way to your house so see you in a few

Me- okay bye

Alissa- bye

~ End Text Convo ~

After I was done eating and texting Alissa I sat on the couch with my dad watching Family Guy episodes laughing. There then was a knocking on the front door. My dad got up and answered the door and I look up to see it was Alissa and behind her was her mom and dad. She smiled at me and literally ran to me.

" what are you gonna name him " Alissa said

" I don't know yet " I said

" I'm so excited we get to do shopping and plan for a baby shower " Alissa said

" there is so much stuff to do " Mrs. Lopez said which was Alissa's mom

[ Later That Day ]

My dad had to work and Alissa's dad went home leaving her and her mom at my house. We were watching movies and eating popcorn and eating junk food. I then felt a kick in my stomach making me jump.

" what's wrong " Alissa said

" he kicked " I said

" really " Alissa said and she looked at me putting her hand on my stomach and he kicked once again but hard making me wince in pain.

" he is kicking me hard " I said

" I can tell so how much longer " Alissa asked

" four and a half more months to go " I said

" we have to planning a baby shower soon " Mrs. Lopez said

" when should the shower be " Alissa said

" I say two months from tomorrow " Mrs. Lopez said

" sounds nice " I said

" yay I'm so excited " Alissa said clapping her hands and I then felt pressure in my stomach and rushed to the bathroom and had to pee.

At first I thought something was wrong but I the realized it was the baby pushing on my bladder. I left the bathroom and went back to the living room. I sat down and began to watch movies with Alissa and her mom. A few hours later I felt myself start to dose off and I got up from the couch and headed to my room. I turned on the light to see Alissa made a palate of sheets and blankets on the floor. She was laying there playing on her phone.

" why are you sitting in the dark on the phone " I said

" I don't know do I still have pj's here " Alissa said

" yeah I think look in my closet " I said and stripped out my clothes and put in a black loose-fit shirt, my love heart silk pajama shorts, and my black UGG mandie slippers and Alissa had on a regular white t shirt, blue printed pajama shorts, and her blue biotite slippers and we got under our blankets and went to sleep.

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