Nerdy love

Skyler is a normal teenaged girl with perfect grades but when her sister violet says they are moving she thinks that it will just be the same as her other school but when she meets a nerdy boy named marcel who gets picked on every second at school she instantly fell in love she learns that he is a triplet his brothers are Edward the punk and Harry the popstar does she fall for another boy or does she stay with marcel read to find out.


4. Secret, new daddy

" well when I was 15 I fell in love with my best friend his name was Edward I thought he was different but I was wrong he was player he just wanted to get in my pants and that's exactly what he did but a week after I started puking I was worried so I told one of my older sisters and she took me to the doctors to see what was wrong with me and It turned out I was pregnant . I told my family and they supported me because they are all I have because our parents died and so I told Edward but he said to me and I quote ' kill it I don't care what you do with it I just don't want any part of the things life ' I cried for days before going back to school I regretted walking through those doors because as soon as I did people started calling me things and saying shit about me and turns out that Edward was behind it all i ignored it as much as I could. As the mouths went by and I went into labour on the 25 of December my baby was a boy he was a Christmas miracle even though Edward didn't want any thing to do with our child I gave him his name and from there I was a single mother getting help from my siblings and I changed to this school for a new start " I said tears ran down my face.
" can I meet him" he asked I nodded and looked into his eyes , his eyes remind me of Edwards their exactly the same and so is the hair colour weird I tried moving my eyes away from his but I couldn't he leaned in , I could feel my heart pumping through my chest I leaned in as well his plump lips touched mine I felt butterflies flying around in the pit of my stomach I felt fireworks exploding in my head my heart pumping furiously I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me even more closer to his body he licked my bottom lip for entrance I accepted and opened my mouth I felt his tongue slip into my mouth and roam around my tongue battled against his he won and pulled away and went down to my neck he kissed all around my neck gently biting here and there I moaned under his touch Jesus did this boy now how to kiss I felt him start sucking on a spot it was slightly painful he stopped sucking and blew on it he looked back up to me .
" so beautiful " he said I looked at him shocked his voice turned from his normal nerdy voice to a deep husky britsh voice his eyes widened in shock " lets go " he said his voice back to normal I stood up and slightly shook my head I must of imagined it.
" yeah" I mumbled I grabbed his hand and intertwined our fingers together I walked him through the halls and out the school .
" um I walked" I said 
" so did I " he replied I smiled before walking towards my house with his hand in mine we walked in silence it wasn't awkward it was nice .
-FIVE MINUTES LATER- we had reached my house there was 7 cars out front so that means my siblings are home.
" lets go in" I said taking marcel through the front door as soon as I did I closed it I heard multiple footsteps coming our way and in the lead was my son " MUMMY" he shouted jumping into my arms I wrapped my arms around his small figure and lifted him onto my hip I held him there marcel look at ed in shock.
"Hey ed" I said ruffling his mop of brown curly hair his hands shot to his hair .
" not the hair" he said I chucked while he fixed his curls marcel was still for frozen in place.
"Do you and ed want to come to my place" he asked I nodded 
" sure do you wanna go with mummy ed" I asked my four year old son staring into his emerald green eyes he nodded his head enthusiastically I smiled before placing him back on the ground he reminds me so much of bastard that's his father he ran upstairs.
" hold on a sec mummy" he said in his britsh accent I nodded my head and in minutes he was back down in a black dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and in black skinny jeans and black converse I smiled at him he came over to me and grabbed my hand he was up to my hip and I'm 5'8 so he's tall for his age he looked to his right and grabbed marcels hand to I smiled wide and the scene playing in front of me we walked out the door and down the street ed was talking no stop -TEN MINUTES LATER- we had reached marcels house it was huge literally it was a mansion we walked through the door to the kitchen and there I saw Anne , Gemma ,Harry and Edward . Ed looked shocked by Harry's presence oh yeah did I forget to mention he loves one direction and performing he let go of mine and marcels hands and ran at Harry their backs were facing us Harry was about to turn around when ed squished him in a hug.
" wow hey there" Harry said bending down to ed as soon as he saw his face he looked shocked and slightly frightened
" why does this kid look exactly like me" he raised his voice slightly the rest of them turned around and looked at the ed in shock.
" Edward knows don't you " marcel said I looked at him in shock because his voice changed back to the husky tone they all looked up at me and marcel .
" who's this " Anne asked .
" skyler but you can call me sky" I replied she nodded and Edward looked shocked.
" who's kid " Harry asked marcel I cut in before he could answer.
"Mine and the dick heads next to you" I replied their expressions turned shocked except marcels .
" what but Edward never had a kid" Gemma said I nodded my head .
" yes he did except when I told him he told me and I quote ' kill it do what ever you want with it I don't want any part in the things life" I said they all turned towards Edward with angry expressions.
" you just left her to look after the baby all by herself " Harry said in shock ed looked up at Harry .
" Harry you look like me are you my daddy " he asked Harry shook his head .
" no but I'm your uncle and I'm going to be the best uncle ever" he said picking him up I only just realised they were wearing matching outfits I smiled Harry put him down ed walked over to me and marcel.
" are you my daddy" he asked hope filled his eyes I couldn't say no to him and I don't think Marcel could ether.
" yes he is " I said everyone looked at me I looked at marcel to see he was staring at me already I gave a pleading look he nodded his head. 
" yes I'm your daddy " he said crouching down do Eds level ed wrapped his arms around marcels neck.
" I love you daddy " that brought tears to my eyes I don't think marcels going to say it back but it surprised me when he did .
" I love you too ed " 


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