Nerdy love

Skyler is a normal teenaged girl with perfect grades but when her sister violet says they are moving she thinks that it will just be the same as her other school but when she meets a nerdy boy named marcel who gets picked on every second at school she instantly fell in love she learns that he is a triplet his brothers are Edward the punk and Harry the popstar does she fall for another boy or does she stay with marcel read to find out.


1. My brothers return


"beep beep beep" I groaned and reached for my alarm clock but it wasn't on the bed side table I groaned sitting up and grabbing my glasses and put them on my face (you know what glasses I'm talking about) I hopped out of  bed and made my way to the closet I put on my clothes that basically wear everyday my black dress pants my white long sleaved dress shirt  and my black tie tucked under my sweater vest over top I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror seeing my head of curls I sighed this is the real me not this nerdy person I dress as at school the real me has a mop of curls and tattoos but I would never be able to show anyone because I most likely will be bullied more so the only people who know are my brothers my sister and my mum I started to apply the hair gel once I was finished I looked in the mirror not seeing one single curl I walked out of the bathroom and put on my black dress shoes while walking down the stairs I walked into the kitchen only excepting to see mum and Gemma be because Edward moved out but I have no idea where and Harry is on tour well at least I think he is well I wouldn't know because I have only really seen him about three times in the past three years so yeah but oh was I wrong because as soon as I walked into the kitchen I saw Harry and Edward standing behind the table With mum and Gemma I wanted to move but I couldn't I was frozen from shock mum looked up at me " morning marcel" by the mention of my name Harry and Edward span around and came running at me "MARCEL" they screamed hugging me but Harry's arm hit my rib which has a massive bruise on it from the jock in the school I yelped in pain and the boys jumped of me and looked at me " what's wrong " Harry asked me but I couldn't reply I was crouched over holding my rib with tears threatening to spill they both rushed to my side and helped me up "please tell me what's wrong" ed said with concern is his eyes I mentally sighed and stood up straight pulling my shirt up to reveal multiple bruises all over my body covering my tattoos they gasped I looked at them to see they had their fists clenched and jaw clenched "who the fuck did this to you" Harry growled near the end I had never seen him this mad " the jocks" I replied "we are taking you to school " ed said grabbing his keys making his way out of the door me and Harry followed -SKIP CAR RIDE- as soon as we parked everyone looked at us wondering whos car this is as soon as my brothers hopped out there was girls fangirling over Harry and drooling over ed I hopped out of the car and everyone pointed at me and laughed calling me names that I don't want to repeat " SHUT UP" Harry and ed screamed everyone went quiet "Marc we have to go mum wants us but call us if anything happens " Harry said I nodded and walked into school thinking that they wouldn't pick on me because of my brothers but oh was I wrong.

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