Nerdy love

Skyler is a normal teenaged girl with perfect grades but when her sister violet says they are moving she thinks that it will just be the same as her other school but when she meets a nerdy boy named marcel who gets picked on every second at school she instantly fell in love she learns that he is a triplet his brothers are Edward the punk and Harry the popstar does she fall for another boy or does she stay with marcel read to find out.


2. Don't touch him


i walked through the doors of my new school and walked down the hall everybody looked at me and whispered things to their friends and me being the insecure girl I am pulled my long brown hair to the side and kept my eyes on the ground I was nearly at the end of the hall way when I heard " ouch p-p-please l-l-let me g-go " I looked to see who it was and saw a boy getting beat up on the ground I ran towards the group and pushed the dude away from him that was kicking him in the ribs "leave him alone" I said standing in front of the boy whos laying on the ground crying everyone made a circle around us the dude looked at me " don't waste your time on that pathetic nerd" he said I looked at him rage building up in side of me " no the only one who is pathetic here is you how could you just beat someone up for your own pleasure how would you like it if I beat you up " he chuckled " but your just a girl" he said making his mates laugh I walked up to him and punched him in the nose I heard a crack before he could fall to the ground I grabbed his head and smashed my knee into his face smashing his nose even more he fell on the ground screaming in pain holding his nose " you might need a new nose" I said kicking him in the rib making sure I broke on of them I turned around facing every one I pointed towards the boy who was laying on the ground crying " NOW IF ANY OF YOU PICK ON HIM EVER AGAIN YOU WILL END UP ON LIFE SUPPORT GOT IT" I yelled everyone nodded " NOW PISS OFF" the all ran away including the broken nosed boy and his mates I made my way to the broken boy on the ground I grouched down "can you stand up" I asked he slightly nodded I helped him stand up he nearly fell back down but I held him still he looked up at me " why did you help m-me " he said " nobody deserves to be beat up for other people's pleasure and I couldn't just stand there " I said picking up his glasses and putting them on his face he smiled at me with tears still going down his face I wiped them away " please don't cry they aren't worth your tears " he stared up at me " what's your name" I asked " marcel" I nodded" I'm skyler but you cane call me sky so now lets go eat bestie" I said " wait what I'm your friend" he said looking shocked I nodded " yep my best friend " I said grabbing his hand intertwining out fingers he blushed when we reached the lunch area we walked to the lunch lady " what do you want " I asked marcel "um I want m-my u-usual u-um a b-bowl of c-chicken nuggets and a juice box " I giggled at his child side he looked at me " or not" he said quickly I shook my head " no it's alright it's just that I was going to get the same thing " he blushed slightly I told the lunch lady what we wanted she placed them on trays we grabbed them and made our way towards an empty table " can't we just sit in one of the halls" marcel whispered to me I looked at him " nope we are going to sit here and you didn't shutter" he smiled wide "I guess it's because I'm no longer that nervous around you any more " I smiled and sat down he sat down in front of me we were about to start eating when the same dude that has the broken nose came over "well would you look at that the nerd and some slut sitting together" I clenched my fists I was about to say something when he grabbed marcels tray and dumped the nuggets on him then grabbed the oj and poured it all over him marcel jumped in surprise while I jumped at him and knocked him to the groans and sat on top of him punching his face over and over everyone looked at me in fright and shock " I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE MARCEL ALONE" I shouted smashing his face marcel came running at me and pulled me of " sky stop" he said I calmed down and stood up straight holding in the tears that want to pour out of my eyes I pulled marcel to the bathroom as soon as we were inside I burst into tears marcel looked shocked but pulled me into his arms " what's wrong" he asked I looked up at him "nothing I'm fine" I said putting on a fake smile "no your not tell me what's wrong" I looked up at him I took one look into his eyes knowing that I could trust him " there's a secret that has haunted me all my life and I need to let someone know before i break down again " I whispered " I'm here for you it's safe to tell me" " well....

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