Falling In Love Over & Over Again

17 year old Elena McCarthy Was in love with a Werewolf And his name was Nathan Sykes... One day he got angry and hit her.. She ran to 1D's house but was unwanted by liam.. Then ran away.. Who will Elena end up loving? Who will Nathan Kill? How many people will die? Will Elena stay alive or die because of her mistakes?
Is copyrighted © Caitlin D. (Catiebaby) 2014


6. The Letter

Dear Elena,

         If your reading this, than it means that you've finally have been reincarnated... Elena, you will not remember this, but you were born many times and the last time you were born was August 29th, 1902. You were killed in a car accident with Harry.. The boys and I were there every time you were born and kept our distance after what happened the first time you were reincarnated.. We fell in love and were inseparable, until your family were killed and you committed suicide.. You were originally born on April 8th, 1498... and were reincarnated on October 14th, 1564.. You kept being reincarnated, and then the year harry and you fell in love... Harry was driving faster than usual, and he told you that he hated you, then you grabbed the steering wheel and hit another car.. The person in the car was a werewolf and got injured badly, that day he vowed to us that one day, he will make sure you will never fall in love with a vampire. Once you read this, it means you've met us and the war has begun... I hope that at the end of the battle you will not only choose us, but me... I Was the first man to fall in love with you in 1498, and I will love you till the day I finally die... And that day must be coming because I see you faltering to a new man every time you are born.. Please never let anyone see or know about this... I Love you Elena Rose McCarthy... I hope you can love me to some day again..


                                                                                                                         Louis Tomlinson

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