Falling In Love Over & Over Again

17 year old Elena McCarthy Was in love with a Werewolf And his name was Nathan Sykes... One day he got angry and hit her.. She ran to 1D's house but was unwanted by liam.. Then ran away.. Who will Elena end up loving? Who will Nathan Kill? How many people will die? Will Elena stay alive or die because of her mistakes?
Is copyrighted © Caitlin D. (Catiebaby) 2014


13. The Conversation

"You better stay away from Elena, I have your address now and I will be there tomorrow to bring her back home. Oh, and if you have a problem with that then we can settle it as men." I said very angrily.

"Who is this, and no you aren't! It's her choice and I'm guessing since you had to hack into her facebook or phone, that your the one that drove her to me! Well if you are the one than you better watch your back! I will make Elena mine again and thank you for doing whatever you did, now my job is easier." He said it smugly.

"You have no idea who you are messing with Jason! I can't wait to..." I started to say but I then heard a familiar voice in the background. I Then listened to their conversation.

"Jason, I'm here! My flight was short, who are you on the phone with?" The voice said confused.

"Just a friend, go put your suitcase in my bedroom. Oh, and after I'm done talking to my buddy then we can talk about what happened." Jason said.

"Alright, I will be in the living room." The voice said, and he or she sounded like they have been crying alot.

"Who was that?" I asked confused.

"It's Elena and her bag is already in my room. Well see you tomorrow." He said, thinking that I hung up.

"Oh, Elena what happened come here. Later we will watch your favorite movies and cuddle on the couch like old times." he said. Then I finally hung up the phone with an anger that could kill anybody. All of us, even one direction piled up in cars and drove to the airport.

(We are now back to Elenas POV.)


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