Falling In Love Over & Over Again

17 year old Elena McCarthy Was in love with a Werewolf And his name was Nathan Sykes... One day he got angry and hit her.. She ran to 1D's house but was unwanted by liam.. Then ran away.. Who will Elena end up loving? Who will Nathan Kill? How many people will die? Will Elena stay alive or die because of her mistakes?
Is copyrighted © Caitlin D. (Catiebaby) 2014


10. Lots of Yelling

   My reaction to Liam's question took everybody back. I stood up and looked down at Liam and said "Liam, The reason I came here was because I trusted you guys and apparently I can't seem to stay away from you guys since the 1400s. Apparently my presence is to much for you, even though through all my lives you seem to stick around and watch me be born and die, over and over again. To think that I'm the pain in your butt is an understatement, cause if you actually didn't want me around then you wouldn't have let me in the house. After the hours of begging Zayn to tell me stuff about you guys, he finally told me everything and you stuck out the most. Your suppose to be the loyal and forgivable person, your suppose to be the person who takes care of people but now I realize those were all lies. Your a horrible person and quite frankly I could've been happy without you in my life! If I'm unwanted in this home then I will leave!!" Everybody was still in shock of what I had said to Liam, but what I said was true. I grabbed the car keys that Zayn had put on the coffee table, and grabbed my bag out of the room he put it in. I then made my way out the door to the car and started it up.

   The boys then gathered outside the door watching me as my brother came to the window. I rolled it down with an annoyed look on my face. "Elena please don't go.. Liam didn't mean it. He's upset that he hurt your feelings, and he said if he could cry, he would" Zayn said with pleading eyes. I looked at my hurt brother and I knew that this would hurt him even worse but if I didn't do this then I wouldn't be okay. It took all I had to say what hurt the most, I said "Zayn, If I don't leave now, then I will never get away from you! I'm tired of being the little sister that always depends on you!" oh and then I rolled my window down and said to Liam "Go shove your fake tears up your A**." At that note I rolled the window up and put the car in drive, and drove away.

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