Falling In Love Over & Over Again

17 year old Elena McCarthy Was in love with a Werewolf And his name was Nathan Sykes... One day he got angry and hit her.. She ran to 1D's house but was unwanted by liam.. Then ran away.. Who will Elena end up loving? Who will Nathan Kill? How many people will die? Will Elena stay alive or die because of her mistakes?
Is copyrighted © Caitlin D. (Catiebaby) 2014


14. Heartbreak

 Jason was willing to listen to me talk about my issues and he waited for me to speak when I stopped sobbing. After he listened he comforted me like old times and he made me tea. He then went into his room to pick out a movie, and I was then left alone to the sound of my thoughts. Maybe it would have been better if I didn't meet One Direction, or even Nathan in that matter. Taking in all the stuff that just happened in the past couple days is just overwhelming. First there was the whole issue in the woods, and then the letter, and then the fight with Nathan.. Then there was the fight with Liam and Zayn.. I wish I never said that to Zayn, he really didn't deserve it but I knew that if I didn't say what I had said then he wouldn't have let me go. Jason returned with Twilight and a blanket, but even that didn't help since Bella was in love with Edward (Vampires) and Jacob (Werewolves). Its all the same thing even if her love is fake, mine is real life. Instead of me choosing the Vampire like she did, I chose the werewolf. Who am I kidding? Jacob and Nathan are entirely different, what is wrong with me. Anyways Jason ended up falling asleep after 20 minutes in and so I was still left alone in my thoughts. After awhile I decided I should read the 300 text messages and 50 voicemails. Here is a message from each boy out of 300-

Zayn- Sis, Please come back.. I don't want to lose you, I love you.. xxxx

Niall- Princess, come back. Everyone Misses you.. xx

Harry- please Elena we love you, I love you.. I cant live without you.. xx

Louis- Liam is really sorry, and he didn't mean to say that.. come back I love you.. xx

Nathan- Elena come back now! we need to talk, I'm sorry for hitting you. xxx

Max- Elena come back.. xx

Jay- Come back home.. xx

Siva- I understand if you don't come back, Nathan never had the right to hit you. but we still love you.. xx

Tom- Come back already, your brother is worried sick and so is everyone else. xx

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