Falling In Love Over & Over Again

17 year old Elena McCarthy Was in love with a Werewolf And his name was Nathan Sykes... One day he got angry and hit her.. She ran to 1D's house but was unwanted by liam.. Then ran away.. Who will Elena end up loving? Who will Nathan Kill? How many people will die? Will Elena stay alive or die because of her mistakes?
Is copyrighted © Caitlin D. (Catiebaby) 2014


8. Complicated

I finally went grocery shopping, and grabbed all the items of food for the boys. I couldn't stand the idea to make Siva and the boys suffer, but it was best if I left.. The boys helped me carry in all the groceries and Nathan put them away.. As I walked up the stairs, I noticed that Zayn was waiting in my room.. He sat there very still like he has seen a ghost! He was reading The letter, shock was across his face.. I didn't move and didn't dare to say a thing, until he threw my desk chair against the wall.. Which had shattered it, to a million pieces.. I grabbed the note and put in my pocket, while Zayn yelled for the boys.. I knew that I would never get away now.... Nathan was in the room watching me as I packed my clothing, pictures, and accessories.. Yelling at me in horror, scared of what I was doing.. He grabbed me by the face, and I was forced... I had to tell them! I told them what had actually had happened in the woods that day.. Who I met, where they took me, and also what had happened today... All the boys looked at me in horror, ashamed of who I was, or who I've become! Zayn put my bags in the car and came back in to see Nathan angrier than he has ever been before... The fury in his eyes looked as if he could kill somebody with a flick of a finger, and as he neared closer to me I whimpered back until I was against the wall... The next thing that had happened hurt me so bad that I wished I'd never met Nathan..

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