6. Chapter 6

     "Tyler, where are you taking me?" I asked. We had drove into some town like 45 minutes away from the city.

      "I just need some help to do this." Tyler said frowning. We were probably going to the cemetary. Tyler and his dad were coming home from the aracade on his birthday, 6 years ago, and his dad didn't t see the drunk driver coming their way, in their lane. They crashed head on, and Tyler's dad was killed on contact. Tyler spent 12 weeks in the hospital, because a shard of glass from the wwindsheild had flown into the backseat and punctured his lungs. It was really sad; he had machines and tubes in him. "Trevor?" Tyler said, tears brimming.


     "Do you think he would be proud of me?"

     "Of course, he's your dad No matter what, he would still love you."

     "Thanks," Tyler said, pulling into the cemetery.

     We walked over to the headstone. I knew that typically he just stays on his bed and cries on his birthday, but this year had to be different. He needed to know that he could have fun, we walked back to Tyler's car, and his radio was playing " Call Me Maybe". I really hated this song, but the sight of Tyler half smiling was more important.

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