5. Chapter 5

     I woke and looked at Tyler. He was still asleep. He looked so peaceful. I leaned over and whispered "Happy Birthday" in his ear. He rolled over and gave a small grunt. A captivating scent flowed in from the kitchen. I got up, got dressed, and walked into the kitchen. Mrs. Parker was making biscuits and gravy. "Hey Mrs. Parker. Whatcha doin'?" I asked.

     "I told you before Trevor, call me Jennifer." she said.

     "I know what you told me to call you Mrs. Parker. What are you making?" I asked, knowing the answer but wanting to talk to somebody.

     "I'm making my mother's recipe for biscuits and gravy, Tyler's favorite."

     "Cool. Speaking of Tyler, can I take him out tonight?' I asked

     "Oh Trevor, you know I like you, but a date?" Tyler said after rounding the corner, obviously hearing my request. He was pretending to swoon and fell to the floor and "fainted".

     "I meant to Freddy's party." Freddy is our Hispanic friend. His real name is Fredicinco, but that's way to hard to pronounce.

     "Just be back by 11, school tomorrow." Mrs. Parker said.

     "Thanks," I replied, "Oh, and Happy Birthday again."

     "Happy Birthday sweety." Mrs. Parker yelled to Tyler.

     Tyler laughed and walked back to his room to get dressed. Rainbow Unicorn pajama pants aren't the most public appropriate clothes. He soon walked out in a royal blue Abercrombie button up and a pair of black skinny jeans. He sat down next to me and grabbed a plate of the good stuff. We scarfed it down ,and I put on some white Chuck Taylor's. After I finished we put on our jackets and Tyler grabbed his keys. "Bye Mom!" He yelled.

     "Love you. Be back by 11!" She gradually got louder the closer we got to the door.

     "We will Mrs. Parker! Love you!" I yelled.

     "Call me Jennifer!" She yelled as we closed the door.

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