4. Chapter 4

     The waitress walked up to us and asked for our drink order. I ordered an espresso and Tyler got a mocha latte. We sat and waited for our drinks.

     After a minute if silence, Tyler asked me a question. "Have you ever thought about it?" Tyler asked.

     "Thought about what?"

     "You being gay?"

     "No! I'm pretty sure I'm straight."

     "I was just wondering!" Tyler ended the conversation with that, but he was right. I have questioned myself before. I thought the guy at American Eagle was hot for a long time. I had dirty thoughts about him for a long time. It took me forever to repress those feelings. I haven't went to A.E. since. I hate lying to Tyler too. I mean, he is my best friend! I just cannot be gay. My mom would kick me out, then I would have nowhere to go. So even, if I was, I would never act upon my feelings I will always be straight.

     The waitress came to the table with our coffee, and she winked at Tyler. He looked at me and rolled his eyes. "Why can't people see?" Tyler asked.

     "I have no clue." I answered. Tyler is the most flamboyant gay I have ever seen. He owns a shirt that literally says "I'm Gay!".

     We finished our coffee and the waitress, Jessica, handed Tyler a folded napkin along with the check. When we tipped her, Tyler pulled out a pen and wrote on a napkin:


Dear Jessica,

You are very pretty, but I like dick too. But,We

can go shopping sometime!


Tyler :)


     We payed and left the cafe. Tyler drove me to his house, and I slept over. Now I know it seems strange for a straight (kinda) boy to sleep over at a gay boys house, but I've known him since, like, the 1st grade. Yes, we sleep in the same bed too, but that's because his bed is HUGE! He has a king sized bed! What is one boy gonna do with a king sized bed? I have no clue, but it's comfortable! We are popcorn and Tyler hid behind me as we watched "Halloween". Tyler HATES scary movies. Then, we went to bed at 1.

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