3. Chapter 3

     I walked up the stairs and stuck my key into the lock. With a turn my mother was revealed on the couch, some sort of alcohol bottle in hand. She has been an alcoholic for 4 years and still going strong. She must think it's an Olympic sport of some sort. She stood up in front of me, showing that she was taller than me. "Where the fuck where you?" She yelled.

     "I was out with Tyler"

     "Not that fag again!" 

     "Mom! He's my best friend!"

     "You better not be fucking him! I'll kill you if you are one of them!"

     "I'm not gay mom!" I stormed into my bed and curled up on my bed a cried. I pulled up out my phone and texted Tyler to come pick me up. I feel asleep and when I woke up, Tyler was sitting on my bed, staring at me. He wiped a tear away from my face and I got up and put on a sweatshirt. We walked out to his car.

     "What's wrong?" Tyler asked me.

     "Well my Mom thinks I'm gay, my girlfriend left me, and I have nothing to fucking do."



     "No, not that. The fact that I have NEVER questioned your sexuality really confuses me."

     "Oh shut up and drive!"

     "Ok Rihanna!" Tyler yelled jokingly as he pulled out of the parking lot. We ended up at some cafe outside of the business district called 'The Java'.

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