2. Chapter 2

     I threw on some jeans and a faded blue T-shirt. I put my beanie and my grey Aeropostale jacket. I walked out into my living room see Tyler, fixing his hair in his iPhone camera. I sat down next to him and put on my red converse. "You ready?" Tyler asked.

       "I think so."

     We walked out into the January weather and to Tyler's Trailblazer. He's a sophomore, so he has his drivers licence. I hopped into the passenger seat and  we were out of the parking lot of my apartment building, into the massiveness of New York City. Tyler's radio was blaring pop music. We finally pulled into the mall parking lot. As we ran to the front doors, I asked Tyler "What are we doing here?"

     "Um, Shopping! What else would we do in a building filled with stores genius?"

     "Don't you have girlfriends to do this with?" I asked in a really Nagy way.

     "Yes, but its better with you."

     We walked around for about an hour and Tyler bought everything. we ended up on the 4th floor in a Starbucks. Tyler sat there, drinking an Americano, checking out the guy working behind the counter. I just drank my espresso and stared into the abyss. I really hate it when Tyler stares at guys. It's not that I'm a homophobe or anything, but its really awkward watching your best friend drool over another guy. But I guess I am not I innocent either.

     We sat there for a while. I watched Tyler and stopped him from hitting on the guy behind the counter. That all changed when he winked at Tyler and bit his lip. Then, Tyler flipped the shit out. "Trevor! Can I go? PLEASE!" Tyler yelled, making a scene to get his way.

     "Go ahead. Jest leave your broken-hearted friend behind."

     "OK!" Tyler yelled as he jumped out of his chair to hit on the guy.

     After about 20 minutes of Tyler leaving me, Casey walked in. I ran over to Tyler, grabbed his arm, and dragged him out of the mall and to his car. 'What the hell! What was that?" Tyler yelled

     "Casey walked in!"

     "So that's a good reason to pull you best friend away from a hot guy?"


     Tyler rolled his eyes and jumped into the car. All the way back to my apartment, all I heard about has the hot guy at Starbucks. "His name is Mark! He's 18, and he goes to OUR school. He is SO sweet! He gave me his number and told me to call him later!" Tyler yelled.

     "Good for you and Mark."

\     "I sense a hint jealousy in that."

      "I am not jealous."

     "Yes you are. You want all this don't you?"


     "Yes you do." Tyler said as we pulled into my parking lot.

     "No I don't."

     "What's wrong?" Tyler said. He could always tell when I was upset.

     "It's just that I want someone to be there for me. You just seem to hit on people."

     "You told me I could!"

     "That's called sarcasm!"

     "Just get out of my car." Tyler said, laughing as he spoke. I hopped out and waved goodbye

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