1. Chapter 1

     Hi. My name is Trevor. I have short, brown hair that I try my best to spike in the morning. I'm about 5'1, not very tall for a guy my age. I'm skinny, thanks to an old case of an eating disorder. i am 14, and attend South-ridge High. I am not very popular, and my last relationship didn't end so well. It's really hard to get up every morning and know nobody cares about you. Well, except for your gay best friend, but enough about me. Lets get to the problems at hand.

     I sat on my couch, staring out the window. The TV just showing static as I thought. 'How could Casey just dump me like that? I fucking loved her!'  Casey is -was- my girlfriend. She dumped me on our 2 year. She said that she could tell she wasn't "my type", and that I would be happier with someone else. What in the hell does that mean? I don't know! Can anyone explain that to me?

     I turned to see Tyler, leaning in the door frame. "Why are you sitting in here all alone,l staring out of a window at a hobo leaning on a stop sign?" I focused in on the objects that I was staring at but not seeing at all.

     "Trying not to think about Casey"

     "And a stop sign will help that?" Tyler said in a shitty, sarcastic way.

     "No, but I can't help that!?!"

     "I thought I was the gay one here." Tyler said, trying to cheer me up but only making the situation worse. I glared at him. "Calm down and put on some clothes."

     "You know, sweatpants are clothes, too!" I yelled jokingly.

     "Dear Lord, Do I need to apologize to your pants?"


     "Good, because I wasn't going to."

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