Living the dream (A Joey Graceffa Fanfic)

Ebony was always wishing for the happy ending. But her happy ending was different than most. She wanted to be a youtuber, along with her bestfriends Joey and cassie.
Filming collabs, having fun. Living life. Well she got what she wanted, she just didnt think it would be so hard to get there.


1. 1: Hungercraft and chubby bunny.

Chapter One: Hungercraft

Ebony's Pov

"NOOO WHAT THE FLYING FUDGE THAT SLUT HIT ME JOEY!" I screamed, and Joey looked up at me, smirking. "JOEY YOU HIT ME DIDNT YOU?!?" I screamed. "Oops?" He said giving me the puppy dog eyes. Huffing, i turned away and quickly set a bounty on him. The screen now read "EbonyLove12 has set a bounty on JOEYGRACEFFA for 150 points" "Hey!" He yelled, knowing people would try even harder to kill him now. I just stuck my tounge out him and said "That'll teach you to kill me you slut." In mock hurt, he placed his hand over his heart and whispered "that really, really hurts Ebanya." "TOO BAD SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT IT!!!" I yelled, showing no mercy. Joey was still looking at me with puppy dog eyes waiting for me to forgive him. "No." I said, "pleaseeeee? Pretty please?" Joey whimpered. "Fine. But only because you said please." I said pretending to scold him. "Now if you dont mind, Cassie is coming over to film a video." I yelled, walking away. I walked into my room and...

And Sawyer was sitting on my bed. "SAWYER! WTF MAN?!?" He looked up at me and shrugged, "can i be in yours and Cassie's video?" I sighed, i knew he had a crush on her. "Yeah i guess, but we are NOT doing the someones getting naked challenge!" Sawyer frowned, "I didnt say we were going to!" Sawyer mumbled. "But you thought it!" I said, pretending to read his mind. "you witch! You have mind reading powers!" "Yup, and i can tell what you are thinking!" Sawyer looked at me, not belieiving. "For example, you are thinking how it would taste in Cassie's mouth." Sawyer looked startled "how did you. I mean ,what?" I laughed, "You are so gulible. I was just guessing, you are also very predictible."

Walking out, Sawyer huffed and yelled "Goodbye Eb!" "Bye sawyer!" I yelled back. Cassie would be here soon. We should do the chubby bunny challenge! I just have to go buy marshmellows. "Joey!" I yelled, and he peeked his head around the doorway. "Yeah?" "Can you drive me to a store? I need marshymellowanyassssss" i said, holding out the s. "Sure! Chubby Bunny?" "Yup!" He looked at me and grinned, "can i join?"I laughed, well arent i popular today? "Yeah, but Sawyer and cassie are there too!" "Okie dokie ebanya!" And with that, we headed to satsuki. Heading to whole foods, Joey said he needed more chicken. Goodness gracionious, that boy is going to turn into a chicken!

Tuning Out -Ebony-

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