Ashton is a normal teenage girl. The only thing about her that is a little different is that she is a star basketball player at Glentown High School. She hardly has time to do anything. She goes from basketball before school to softball after school and then home for homework. A new group of British boys transfer to her school. They join the soccer team and she sees them more often then she may want to. What happens?


2. Lunch

The period finally ended after several stages of awkward silences.  The boys kept asking questions about the girls at the school and my personal life.  Questions such as:  'Do you have a boyfriend?' 'Are you currently in need of a relationship' and 'How many of the girls at this school are single?', which did not help the whole awkward situation.  As I am headed to my second period class, English 2, I notice that the boys are following me.  

"Can I help you?" I ask as I turn to face them.

"Um. No, uh we were just wondering how to get to English 2 and Algebra 2 from here." Liam said.

"Ok well the Algebra class meets in room 103 which is on the bottom floor three doors to the left of the stairs.  The English class is where I am going so you can just follow me." I say as I try to speed to class now.  I notice that three of the boys leave to head for the Algebra room.  Good.  I don't need all of them in every class.  Zayn and Harry are the only two of the group who are in this class.  When we take our seats, I sit in the back beside again Ana and Cali.  They have every class with me, which is just awesome!  Zayn and harry take the two remaining seats at the front of the room.  Mr. Sparks comes out and begins the whole "New Year, New Attitude To Succeed" speech that the juniors warned all of the tenth graders about.  It is even worse than they described.  This speech lasts the whole period! I don't think that I have ever been happier to leave a classroom!

After two more excruciating classes that were filled with new school year motivational speeches, it is finally time for my favorite part of the day, lunch.  As soon as we reach the cafeteria, I grab my food and sit by the rest of the sports teams, as all of the players do.  To be completely honest, all we do at this table is gossip, or that what all the girl athletes do.

"So girls, did you see those five new guys?" Angelina, one of the girls from the cheerleading group says.

"Yeah! They are so totally hot!!!" Hallie, one of the girls from my softball team blurts out.  

"Well, the tall one is mine, so everyone else can back off." Angelina says as she pulls out a mirror and examines herself.  "In fact," she says as she looks to where the boys are sitting, "I am going to go ensure that right now!" She says as she struts over to the table.  I swear if they fall for this, they are the stupidest people I have ever seen.

"Hi Harry!" Angelina says as she sits down beside him.  "I couldn't help but notice you glancing over at me from over here, so I decided to bring you what you wanted." She has the entire cafeteria's attentions right now.  Everyone brought their conversations to a whisper as they watched what was soon to be a tragedy right before their eyes.

"Oh, no I was not looking at you.  I don't even know who you are!" Harry says as he turns to face the guys again.  This.  Is.  Hilarious.

"Then who were you looking at?  I am the only one who is noteworthy over there!" she says as she twirls her hair.  Why is she doing this? She is just embarrassing herself even more!! 

"That is quite frankly none of your business so could you please just leave?" Harry says.  By now, the entire cafeteria has erupted in laughter as Angelina comes back to her seat.

"He is totally interested!" she says with a smile.

"Angelina, don't give us that bull crap, everyone heard harry shoot you down.  It was hilarious!!!" Hallie says.

"Ugh, whatever!" Angelina says.  She doesn't talk for the rest of the lunch period!  

So Harry is definitely not interested in anyone….. and no one will probably be interested in Angelina for a while now.

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