Ashton is a normal teenage girl. The only thing about her that is a little different is that she is a star basketball player at Glentown High School. She hardly has time to do anything. She goes from basketball before school to softball after school and then home for homework. A new group of British boys transfer to her school. They join the soccer team and she sees them more often then she may want to. What happens?


1. Back to School


I hop out of the bed and silence my phone.  Today was the first day back to school, which means the first day back at practices.  That also means more running.  I grab my bag and throw a pair of jeans, a sequined thin strap shirt, and some black converse into it.  We have basketball first period so I usually just wear my jersey.   I run out the door and to school.

*After Basketball*

I walk to my locker and throw the large duffel bag into it.  I grab my Biology 2 book and walk into the class.  I sit where I did last year in Biology 1, in the middle of the back row.  Just as I am getting out a pencil out, my friend Anna walks in and takes the seat to my left.  Anna is 5'11 and very thin.  No boobs, no butt, just a toothpick.  Me, on the other hand, I am 5'8 curvy with everything that Anna doesn't have.  I am perfectly happy with having curves.  I am healthy and that is all that matters.  

"How was your summer?" she asks in her usual cheerful mood.  Just as I am about to answer, my other friend, Cali, walks up and takes the seat to my left.  She answers for me.  

"Her summer was great considering that she spent most of it with me and the basketball team!" she says.  It was true.  We had summer work-outs, games, and we even traveled to Florida to participate in some games.  Just as I was about to start a new conversation, the bell rang.  Everyone turned to face Mrs.Evelyn.  All of the tenth graders knew how she was because she also taught Biology 1.  

"Now class, I am sure that you have had fun this summer, but now it is time to get to work."

Just as she finished her sentence, five very handsome guys came through the door.

"Um, excuse me.  Is this Mrs. Evelyn's class?" the one with the short, brown quiff and chocolate eyes asked.

"Yes, and you must be the new students!" she said with delight.  Mrs. Evelyn was always excited to get new students.  "You boys can take the remaining seats in the back." she said as pointed to the seats in front of me and my friends.  

"Thank you ma'am." the boy who asked the question said as they made their way to the seats.

"Well, considering that we have new students, we will take today to get to know each other.  You may get into groups.  The people sitting in the first two row, you are group one, the middle two, group two, and the two last rows are group three." Mrs. Evelyn said as she made her way to her desk.

"So," I say as to the boys as my friends watch,"what are your names?"

"I am Liam." the boy who had been the only to talk to anyone.

"I am Niall." said the blonde one.

"I am Louis." said the one with brown hair and deep blue eyes.

"Zayn." said the boy who had solid black hair.

"Harry." said the one with curly hair and green eyes.  These boys were certainly attractive!

"Well, I am Ashton, and this is Cali and Anna." I said gesturing my friends.  They waved and started to talk to each other about their summers.  If I was going to be the only one talking, this was going to be a LONG period.


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