Twilight [Harry Styles Fanfic]

Bella's story is the same. Just with a different guy. Harry Styles. Don't trust him at school. He's a vampire. He's a styles. Keep your distance. Except Bella. She falls under his spell and falls in love.


3. Thousand Years

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I walk away. "I don't know Harry." I get in the car and drive to where Harry and I use to go as a young couple. The Meadow. With those yellow, purple, red, and blue flowers. I smile at the sight and frown. 'Harry' i think. I have small feelings, but I don't feel the same. I drive to my destination, Los Angeles to pursue my dreams.

He's loved me forever, I think, I can't just be like that. I drive all the way back to Pennsylvania. 35 hours for Harry, I think. I drove 35 hours for nothing. Just for one guy. I knew just where to find him. At his house near the woods. I take two knocks and he opens it. "What?" He asks me crying.

"I-I'm sorry too. I think I forgive you." I say, not being able to look at him. I hate him but feel sorry, too. "Can I come in?" I ask. He allows. I walk in and see some glass on the floor. I sit on the couch and talk. "I've loved you for a thousand years, Bella. You can't change that. I'm sorry for what I did. I realised it broke me too. Half of my heart was gone. I hope we can be friends or what we were before." He says flatly.

"Me too." I reply quietly. "I really missed you." He sheds a tear. "I did too." I say. I get up and hug him. He looks into my eyes and kisses my head. He looks into my eyes and kisses my lips. This time, I don't move. I let him keep kissing me until he takes me to his room. He lies me down on the bed and lets me sleep.

"I really love you, Bella. And I messed up badly. I missed you. Please forgive me. Let me love you again."

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