Twilight [Harry Styles Fanfic]

Bella's story is the same. Just with a different guy. Harry Styles. Don't trust him at school. He's a vampire. He's a styles. Keep your distance. Except Bella. She falls under his spell and falls in love.


2. Forever & Always

~~~You've been asking and begging, so here it is!!~~~

It's Harry. "Where are you going?" He asks me. "Get off," I say shaking his hand off, "you don't need to know. You left me. I hate you. So go away." "Babe-" I cut him off, "don't call me that. I'm not yours anymore. Just leave." I say putting the stuff in my car. "Ok, Bella, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way.

I wasn't with someone else. I really still love you." He says. He turns me to look into his eyes. "I'm sorry. I will say it a million times if you want me to." He grabs my hand.

"My heart shattered! You can't do that to me like that! Harry, I don't have the same feelings for you anymore after what you did. I'm running away! Just go." He gives you a mouth kiss and you interrupted it.

"STOP! HARRY! NO! I'm not yours! TWO YEARS, HARRY! TWO YEARS! And you didn't come back! You left me there to die! You probably forgot me and lived your life there." "Bella, I haven't forgotten you!" He says. "Then why didn't you come back?!" I yell with tears in my eyes. "Look, I didn't mean it. I made a stupid mistake with breaking up with you." He says. I can see his tears forming. "I'm really sorry." The way he treated me. I can't believe him.

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