You dumped me for her

Hello my name is Mackenzie Malik but people call me by my really name Priscilla Malik I just really like the name


2. school 1

6:00a.m beep beep beep went my alarm I went to my bathroom and striped myself out of my clothes and put warm water on as I just started singing words. (This song already made so yea. ). You dumped me for her you gave me your word you kissed me in the elavator then you said see ya later. Then I sang some other lyrics. (I got this from a video give them the credit). People always say I have to wait be patient ohh ohh but people don't know don't know how hard is yea yea falling on the ground falling falling down they don't know what it is ooooooo oooooooo then .

Then I turned of the water and went to my closet and picked a red crop top with a a black skirt and some red toms and got my gym bag and packed my cheerleading outfit in and my good luck shoes which were clean and also put them in the bag and got my cheerleading ribbon and tied it into a pony tail and I'm skinny so yea and I went to go brush my teeth and then went do my makeup and then I went to zayns room and said you ready yea he said as he took one more look in the mirror just because he's the ''ladies man'' doesn't mean I'm going to like him more than a brother

Bye zayn I said and went to get my car keys and left he can drive his car I'm not waiting he wakes up at 6:45 I went to my car and started the car and left to school

*at school*. I closed my car door and opens the cafeteria door and sat with my friends ell my real friends the rest of my friends are only friends with me because I'm pretty,I'm a cheerleader and play basketball and I'm popular any way my real friend that I see all the time are Christine Harry Niall liam Louis zayn and my boyfriend jake. (I will tell you about them in the next chappter) jake:I've been waiting for you. Priscilla:sorry babe I was waiting for zayn but he want done so I left him I giggled.

Hey guys I said to the rest as I hugged all of them then i went back to jake. I pressed my lips to his lips then I stopped because Louis yelled to much PDA

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