You dumped me for her

Hello my name is Mackenzie Malik but people call me by my really name Priscilla Malik I just really like the name


1. about me

Well hello my name is Mackenzie Malik but nobody calls me that so I changed it to Priscilla Malik but you can call me wichever one you want (but on the story it's going by Priscilla) I changed my name to Priscilla Malik because my friend is Mackenzie and it was confusing that's why any way I'm zayns sister but he acts like he is my father so father 2 anyway (in the story it's just going to be Priscilla zayn there the ony children ok). So anyway my brother sings good and all but he has friends that watch out for eachother there names are Harry Louis liam and Niall even though I'm popular I still hang with his friend well zayn is also popular but I'm more lovable jk but i am more popular cause I am also the caption of the cheerleading team and basketball Niall is the football caption people say we can make a great couple but Idk we could I really don't know yea these are my hobbies I like sports and everything in school so yea

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