Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons: A Hogwarts Story

Jack, Rapunzel, Hiccup, and Merida–the Big Four. Ever wondered what would happen if they went to Hogwarts? Yeah, so maybe their time periods are different, but say they aren't. Say they're all the same age. And, for the sake of the story, let's say they were accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...


9. Year Two: So it Begins

Hiccup's Point of View

"Mom, stop touching my face," I growl, trying for a menacing edge but instead  getting a squeak at the end of my sentence. Dad laughs and pulls Mom away from me. Her hands, however, remain fussing with the scar on my face.

"Let the boy alone, Vahallarama," he chortles. "He sees 'is friends, let 'im go." 

Hesitantly, Mom does. I breathe a sigh of relief and push my trolley towards the barrier, but Mom pulls me back in for one more hug. I scowl, bit know I'm most likely not going to see her for a long time. So, she gets an embrace back. Then, I quickly run through the platform, spinning when I reach the other side.

"Hiccup!" shouts a voice. I turn around to see Merida standing with Jack and Rapunzel, all three of them waving at me. I turn back to my parents and look at them pleadingly.

"You can go," Mom says, pushing my shoulders gently. I begin to hobble off, but break into an uneven run when my three friends also start running. We collapse into a group hug, laughing.

I look around at my friends. My friends.

Merida's PoV

"Gosh, I've missed you," Jack sighs. He's still his cocky self.

"Oh, my goodness, right?" squeals Rapunzel, jumping up and down in excitement. She seems to have changed a little bit. "I have so much stuff to tell you that Pascal and I did this summer. It was awesome!!! But I missed you guys absolutely insanely."

Hiccup looks around at everyone, grinning. I feel a surge of affection for the kid. He was so, so good to me. He stood up for me against a jerk that could have pummeled him easily. He's brave, and I really hope that his parents know it. I smile back at him.

"We've got to get on the train, guys!" Rapunzel reminds us, herding each of us towards the train. We all laugh, and board easily and quickly. Someone must have loaded my trunk, because it's gone.

When we're all in a compartment together, Rapunzel pokes her head out the window and yells, "Bellicose!!!" We all look at her in bewilderment. As she sits back down, she says, her eyes wide, "Oh, yeah, Mother let me get an owl! When we went to Diagon Alley for supplies, I asked her if I could get a pet. She told me that she thought it would be okay, that maybe it would be good for Pascal to have a friend while I'm busy with classes and that I could contact her more often and easily. So, now I have an owl, and his name is Bellicose." A large black owl with red-orange markings on its wings flies in the window.

"Doesn't 'bellicose' mean stubborn, hostile, and warlike?" Hiccup says.

"Yep!" Rapunzel chirps brightly. Jack has a panicked look on his face as Bellicose nears him.

"Punzie?!?" he squeaks. "I, uh–your bird is scaring me."

"Bellicose!" The owl lands on Rapunzel's outstretched arm.

I smile at everyone and just start laughing. Without a moment's hesitation, everyone else joins in my laughter. We don't know what's funny, but we laugh nonetheless. Our laughter ceases abruptly, though, when the compartment door opens and a familiar face looks in at us.


Jack's PoV

I watch Hiccup's face fall as Merida's lights up at the sight of Emmett. I feel bad for the poor kid. He just needs to realize that he's better than Emmett and that Merida is merely fooled by looks. Hiccup may not be the most handsome kid in the world, but he sure as heck has a far better heart than anyone I've ever met in my life.

"Emmett!" Merida says, standing. "How was your summer?"

"Fine, thanks, Merida," Emmett replies, smiling. Merida walks to him, a sort of evil grin on her face. I'm the only one I've seen smile like that–ever–and it's not a good thing.

"Well, that's great, Emmett," Merida says. Her fist is clenched and a chill runs through me. That is not a good sign. "But you tell your flat-faced friends that we don't want any of you around us, you hear?"

"What?" Emmett asks, looking confused. He's faking it though, I can tell.

"Tell Reginald and Logan that we don't need your presence to be at all happy. I think you know what I'm talking about, Emmett." Merida's voice is cold.

"Merida, I don't know what–" Emmett is cut off by Merida's fist plowing into his face. He goes flying backwards and Merida slams the door, her face a bright red.

"Stupid boys," she growls, sitting down and folding her arms.

"What happened?" I ask.

"He's an idiot, and that's all you need to know," Merida huffs.

"So... you don't like him?" Hiccup inquires hopefully.

Merida proceeds in using very strong language to express how exactly she thinks of Emmett and what exactly she thinks he should do. I again start laughing, and so do the others, unable to help ourselves.

Rapunzel's PoV

My friends are so weird. But I am super proud of Merida. I think that Emmett deserved more than a punch in the nose. Far, far more than a punch in the nose. If I were her, I would have hit him with my frying pan, which I have grown rather attached to. But I couldn't hurt anyone on purpose, not unless they were seriously injuring my friends or animals. Gosh, I don't even know much of anything anymore. I just don't like bullies.

Jack and Merida are arguing over something ridiculous, so I close my eyes and listen to the rythm of everything. I haven't been able to just relax for so long. It's nice to just remember everything the way it was before the summer I like school at Hogwarts. It makes me feel like I can do hard things.

I don't know why I'm in Ravenclaw, though. I'm not that smart, really. "Wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure." It just doesn't fit right.

"Hey, you okay?" Hiccup asks softly, looking at me.
I open my eyes. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking, I guess. It's so nice to be going back to school."

Hiccup nods in agreement. "I don't fit in at the village. No one thinks I can do anything, but I know they're wrong. So does everyone here. That's why I like school."

"Mother never lets me do anything," I sigh. "She tells me how awful the world is. But it's not all bad. There are wonderful people out here."

All of a sudden, Merida tackles Jack and starts tickling him. He screams, and my happiness returns. I go to pull Merida off Jack, and then help him up off the floor. He grins.

"Geez, Punzie, I didn't know you were so oblivious to our arguing," Jack chuckles. "Thanks, though."

I go to reply, but Merida yells, "Oh, thank goodness, we're here!" And with that, we pile off the train, off to start a new school year.



So, sorry guys, that's not the greatest, but it's there!!! Hope you like it!

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