Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons: A Hogwarts Story

Jack, Rapunzel, Hiccup, and Merida–the Big Four. Ever wondered what would happen if they went to Hogwarts? Yeah, so maybe their time periods are different, but say they aren't. Say they're all the same age. And, for the sake of the story, let's say they were accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...


3. Wishes Granted- Sort Of

​Merida's PoV

The rest of the train ride to Hogwarts is uneventful, for the most part. We erupt in random giggles a lot, but it's fun, really. I'm not used to having friends. I like it.

When the train stops, we all hustle off, excited. Someone calls for the first years to follow them, so we do. Somehow we all fit into the same magic boat- they float by themselves, how cool is that?- and sail across the lake. The adult who brought us over (I didn't catch his mane) knocks on the huge doors to the gigantic castle. A few moments later, a tall wizard opens the door.

"Welcome to Hogwarts!" he booms. "Please come in." Rapunzel grips my hand with hers that is not protectively holding her hair, but I don't pull away as we enter this huge building. The tall wizard leads us to tall double doors and explains something about a test to see what house we're in and then other stuff I didn't catch. He then opens the doors and leads us into a spacious room filled with tons of students and four long tables. We follow him up to the front of this room where a grungy hat sits on a stool. Professor Zumbro (Rapunzel whispered me his name) pulls out a long scroll and starts reading off names. I don't pay attention until he reads, "DunBroch, Merida!" I sit on the stool.

"GRYFFINDOR!" the hat yells. I proudly take my place among the sea of cheering students.

"Gothel, Rapunzel!"

Rapunzel cautiously walks up to the stool and Professor Zumbro places the hat on her head. After a moment, the hat roars, "RAVENCLAW!" We cheer as she takes her place at the Ravenclaw table.

Next he calls, "Haddock, Hiccup!"

Blushing brightly, Hiccup sits on the stool and almost immediately, the hat booms, "HUFFLEPUFF!" Everyone claps.

After a few more names are called, we hear, "Overland, Jack!"

I assume he'll be in Slytherin, and that is confirmed by the hat. "SLYTHERIN!" The rest of the new students are sorted, and the headmaster, Professor MacKinley, says a few words. Suddenly, food appears on the table. A lot of food.

We eat our normal meal, and when we're all full of that, dessert appears on the table. I am seated between a third year boy named Jason (and he has not stopped talking this whole time) and a new first year named Vanessa Josephine who is really shy. And her first name is Vanessa Josephine. I don't even want to know what her middle name is.

Finally, after Professor MacKinley explains some rules, we all start filing out of the Great Hall. I see all Jack, Rapunzel, and Hiccup leave, each with smiles on their faces. I only wish that one of them was on my house.

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