Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons: A Hogwarts Story

Jack, Rapunzel, Hiccup, and Merida–the Big Four. Ever wondered what would happen if they went to Hogwarts? Yeah, so maybe their time periods are different, but say they aren't. Say they're all the same age. And, for the sake of the story, let's say they were accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...


7. New Year, New Us

​Merida's PoV

"Hey, Merida!" I hear someone call from behind me. It's not Jack or Hiccup, and Rapunzel's right next to me, so I have no clue who it is. "Wait up!" I hold still and look at Rapunzel, who is seemingly as confused as I am.

A tall, handsome Slytherin boy that I immediately recognize walks up next to me. "Hello, Emmett," I say, glaring at him but my heart pounding nonetheless. I hate what he does to me. He's Reginald's best friend (the kid I beat up), so he doesn't exactly like me.

"Hey, can I get help on that Defense Against the Dark Arts homework?" Emmett asks. "I can't find the answers, so I thought you could help me find page numbers." Speechless, I stare at him.

"She can't!" blurts Rapunzel. "She and Hiccup are working together on the double project for Charms." I glare at Rapunzel.

"Okay," Emmett breathes, looking slightly disappointed. "I guess I'll see you around." He turns and walks away.

I whirl on Rapunzel. "What's that about?" I say. "Why'd ye tell 'im that?"

"Oh, Merida, can't you see?" she cries. "Emmett's not for you, sweetie. There's... someone else that deserves you."

"Whatever," I huff, walking off.

​Hiccup's PoV

"So, Merida's working on the double Charms project with you, Hiccup," says Rapunzel, skipping up to walk next to Jack and me.

"How did you talk her into that?" I ask, baffled.

"I'll tell you later," she says dismissively. "Gotta go, bye!" She runs off down the hall.

"Jack, do you fancy anyone?" I ask, then blush, regretting it.

Jack looks at me in surprise, but he doesn't seem upset or scornful. "No, not really, why?"

​Oh, I'm just in love with a beautiful girl that happens to be one of my best friends and thinks I'm a complete idiot, ​I think, but don't say it. "Just wondered," I mutter. I see a flash of red hair and rush to catch up to Merida, calling behind me at Jack, "See you later!"

​Rapunzel's PoV

I feel kind of bad that Merida's mad at me, but she and Emmett are not meant to be. Hiccup's the one for her. I muse over this until someone falls into step beside me. It's Jack.

"Hey," he says. "Been deserted, too?"

"Yep!" I reply. "And kind of confused, really. I don't like how we change. It's not very cool, ya know?"

"Trust me, Punzie, I know," Jack says.

"Why do you call me that?" I demand.

Jack looks taken aback for a moment. "Well, because it fits you, I suppose," he explains. "It has personality and uniqueness, just like you. And that's pretty much it."

"Oh. Okay, then." There is an awkward bit of silence. "Thank you for being such an amazing friend, Jack," I say. "I'm glad I know you."

I start walking a bit faster, my cheeks flaming, but I hear Jack quietly say, "I'm glad I know you, too."

​Jack's PoV

​Sometimes my friends are so very confusing. Now that I'm all alone, I think I'll-

"Hey, Jack!" Okay, so not alone. Merida falls into step beside me. I'm a bit confused, wondering how she got from in front of me to behind me, but only reply with a nod. "Are you okay?" Merida asks.

"Yeah, fine, thanks. You?" I reply.

"Oh, um, great," Merida lies. While I am a terrific liar, I am also a really good lie detector.

"Whatever," I say, bumping her shoulder. "What's up?"

"Rapunzel's taking over planning me life," she huffs. "Partnering me up with Hiccup, making sure I'm certain places at certain times. I love her and all, I just don't know what to do!"

This is not at all like the Merida I know. Why is she telling me all this? Weird. "Well, not really anything you can do about it," I offer, not really knowing what else to say. "I, uh, have to go, one of my Slytherin buddies is waiting for me. See ya!"

And as I walk away from her, I think about how much my friends and I have changed.

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