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1. Hello


My name is Rachel. Rachel Kinder. In school I'm popular. You know that one popular kid who's nice to everybody? Well that's me. I can't even squish a bug. I would feel terrible if anything ever happened to somebody, because of my childish behavior or idiotic decisions. I am pretty sure I am really mature for my age. But, at the same time I act like a 2 year old. My attitude does get into some trouble. Worst of all... It got me in trouble with... Justin Bieber. The worst of them all. It couldn't have been at least Cody Simpson? Well thats all for now, I mean being popular is not that easy! You need all the sleep you can get! Oh and also you know how I said I'm super nice? Well ALL that nice goes away when somebody even MENTIONS Justin Bieber. Ugh, I mean he lets down all of his fans and still expects them to love him! Sheesh, he's a total idiot. Well of to sleep I go! Toodle loo!

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