Friend Zoned *SEQUEL TO "ITS HER*

Emma Calder is graduating and wants to go places in life but what happens when three boys get in the way? Will she continue her dream or will she stay with one of them? Emma also meets a boy on her journey, will she date him?


4. chapter 2



  "Hi dad" I muttered as he walked in and all the boys stared into thin air.

 "What happened?" he asked questionly.

I sighed "Dad I got accepted to Fitchburg State in the U.S" I looked at him serious and he stoof there frozen for a second and then started hysterically laughing and that snapped very one out of there trance.

"Im serious dad.."

"Im serious to hon your still my little girl"

"Dad im a legal adult now and I can make my own decisions".

"YOUNG LADY NO! YOU LIVE HERE STILL AND I DONT GIVE YOU PERMISSION!" he screamed and I started to cry and couldn't handle myself.

"YOU KNOW WHAT?! YOUR A HORRIBLE FATHER AND I HATE YOU" and I could feel hatred fill my eyes and my dad was now in my face but the boys pulled him away while Eleanor pulled me upstairs and I cried. We were in my room and on my bed while my head was in her lap and I cried out the pain  and hatred.

"Shh its ok" she tried soothing me. Then I hear murmurs downstairs and I picked my head up.

"El? Could you go get me a glass of water please?" I asked and she nodded and left. As soon as she lft I crept to the edge of the stairs and heard my dads voice.

"Look guys I really don't think Emma is ready for the real world, I give you guys to use all your power to help her stay here" and then Nialls voice "Sir what if Justin, Harry and I continue to try to make her pick us?"

"Niall good idea, keep the pattern from last year you know the deal" he said and I heard Eleanor coming back from the bathroom but I couldn't budge. Deal? Continue? Last year? Then Eleanor saw me and I motioned for her to be quiet and she helped me up and headed upstairs.

"Whats wrong?" she asked with fear in her eyes.

"Nothing" I muttered and decided to keep my mouth shut. And I faked a smile and then I heard a knock.

'Come in" Eleanor said and Niall came in and my face was red and puffy because he gave me a sad look.

"Hey can I talk to Emma alone please El?" and she nodded and patted my head and left.

"Eleanor look im not trying to hold you back but I want you to know that I think you should stay here with me, I still love you" he said and he said with love and reality. And he lied.

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