Friend Zoned *SEQUEL TO "ITS HER*

Emma Calder is graduating and wants to go places in life but what happens when three boys get in the way? Will she continue her dream or will she stay with one of them? Emma also meets a boy on her journey, will she date him?


1. chapter 1

  "ELEANOR I GOT ACCEPTED!!!" I screamed running upstairs seeing my sister Eleanor Calder looking like someone broke in.

 "What happened?!" she screamed.

"I GOT ACCEPTED TO FITCHBURG STATE!!!!!" I screamed (just a random college idk)

"I am so proud of you" she said and wrapped her arms around me.

"Thank you El" I said and smirked "we'll I better get ready for school I don't want Mr. Teal to tell at me again" I said rolled my eyes at the thought of Mr. Teal yelling at me again 😒and I clumsily headed upstairs. I put on a white sweater with a pair of jeans and brown horse back riding styled boots and curled my hair.

About 20 minutes later after being satisfied with my hair I did my make up. I grabbed my blue "Pink" back pack and headed downstairs and grabbed my black North Face and a pop tart and headed toward my driveway to wait for the bus. Yes, I had my license but my sister just didn't want me driving "her" cars.

"Good mornin Em!" My bus driver Cheryl greeted me with her Texas accent. (No offense to Texas accent people)

"Good morning" I said with a huge smile and headed back towards my seat near the back. At school the day went by fast. My classes were shortened to because I was a senior and at my school when your a senior you get days off and today was one of those days. My friend Callie and I were just about to get into her car when a beep behind me stopped us. I turned around to see Niall Horan. Callie screeched a little bit and I just stood there dumbfounded.

"What Niall?..." I asked

"I am taking you home" he said and tried to dazzle me with his smile.

"Uh no Callie is taking me home..." I said and gave him am annoyed look.

"Callie do you mind?" He asked all sophisticated and smiled even more and she looked like she was going to start balling her eyes out.

"Um of course not! I will text you later Em" she said and looked like she couldn't take her eyes off Niall.

"Bye Callie" I said and stomped to Niall's car. On the ride home he tried making small talk but I just jammed up the music more and looked out the window. Then "Little Things" came on and that's when Niall really cranked up the volume and started singing as loud as he could and even put one of his arms on my knee. I looked at him like he was nuts and blocked my ears the rest of the way home.

"I am home with Niall" I called and heard laughter which meant the whole gang was here. By gang I mean One Direction, Eleanor and maybe Justin Beiber.

"Hey there's my college girl" my sister called and all the boys looked at me like they didn't know..

"You didn't tell them Em?" Eleanor asked me

"I had school I'm sorry I didn't text them right away and tell them" I said and was annoyed.

"Your leaving!!??!!"

"You can't leave!!"

"What college how far away??!!!"

Everyone asked questions and I just stood there and waited for this chaos to calm down.

"Are you guys done?" I asked and for a few more minutes they were in my face and asking questions but finally settled.

"I got accepted to Fitchburg state in the US and that's my dream college" I said and all the boys look astonished and then my dad walked in from outside and I knew I couldn't tell him because to him I was still his little girl and that was a challenge.

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