The Fallen Direction *COMPLETED*

Jayda and Emily are two American girls who are huge directioners. But when One Direction is in a crash and lands in Jayda's backyard, they are lovestruck. Slowly, Harry and Jayda fall in love, as well as Emily and Louis. But when a jealous girl finds out One Direction is in love with them, she sabotages the stay. Hacks Twitters, and posts mean things about the boys under the girls' accounts. The boys get mad and sort of ignore the girls. Will love fight until the end? Or will the relationship with the boys be ruined? Tune in for a new chapter each day. Follow me on twitter @JaydaDanielle_ for hints about the story! (:


11. When I Saw Him

Tuesday morning I woke up sore. I had had a nightmare about Harry. So I kept waking up. Even though I knew what was going on, i was still depressed about the whole thing. I mean, what if we tell them what happened and they forgive us, but they don't love us anymore? Thoughts like that made me cry again. And again. I wasn't in the mood to dress up. I wore gray sweatpants and a brown pleather jacket over a white tank. I had a gray scarf on along with combat boots. My hair was down as usual. The boys must have caught a cab to school, because when I arrived they were already there.

I'm at my locker, getting my books for fourth period. I was gonna talk to Harry. I had to. It was killing me. So I turn around and I see him talking to ANA. ANABELLA PETERS. BAM! It was like a smack in the face! HOW COULD HE! I understand that we're kind of fighting but this has gone too far! Two can play at this game.

Harry's P.O.V.

When I got to school I had to talk to Ana. "What are you up to?" I said. "What do you mean? And you look so cute in those tight jeans. Nice ass babe!" She said. I looked at her disgusted. "What?" I ask. I then see Jayda looking over at us. She looks crushed. Then she walks away. I told Ana. "I see what you just tried to do. It's not cool!" I try to call her name but she ignores me.

I see Jayda talking to some guy by the name of Peyton. I see that she's mad. And that she thinks I talked to Ana in that way. I would never. I miss her tons. My heart now has a hole in it.

Jayda's P.O.V.

Emily and Aria come to my locker to wait for me to go to lunch. As they do everyday. We made our way to the cafeteria. I was paying for my lunch while Emily and Aria were finding us a table. After I'm done paying, I make my way to my seat. I set down my tray. "Crap! I forgot napkins! Be right back, girls!" I say. I get up and go to get some napkins. I see Harry. Sitting there perfectly. Then, I realize that he's not mine anymore. I realize that he could have any girl in here and completely forget about me. I leave crying again. The girls run after me. They pay my back and tell me it's okay. But it's not. "We need to tell them." I say. They look at me with concern. "It's not time to-" I cut the off. "Yes it is! I have a plan. Meet me at my house immediately after school. We have to move fast before my our moms come home." The girls agree. Ana comes out, "Awh! The poor baby misses her boo." I stand up, "Ana, please take yourself and your fake-nosed frenzy elsewhere. Remember I still have the video of you picking your nose and eating it last week. Bye now!" Ana leaves. I get high fived. I'm able to get through the rest of the day without crying. It was hard. But I did it.

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