The Fallen Direction *COMPLETED*

Jayda and Emily are two American girls who are huge directioners. But when One Direction is in a crash and lands in Jayda's backyard, they are lovestruck. Slowly, Harry and Jayda fall in love, as well as Emily and Louis. But when a jealous girl finds out One Direction is in love with them, she sabotages the stay. Hacks Twitters, and posts mean things about the boys under the girls' accounts. The boys get mad and sort of ignore the girls. Will love fight until the end? Or will the relationship with the boys be ruined? Tune in for a new chapter each day. Follow me on twitter @JaydaDanielle_ for hints about the story! (:


12. The Plan

We were at my house. I told the girls, "Okay, do you remember when you said that we needed proof that it was Ana?"

"Yeah" said Aria.

"Mhm" said Emily.

"Well, the tweet was posted exactly yesterday at 7:18 p.m. At that time we were in the hot tub. I have proof it couldn't have been us because us threes phones were in the house. Harry even has a picture of us on his phone that was taken at that time." I point out.

"Okay, that takes care of us but how to we prove it was Ana?" Emily says.

I pull out my laptop and go to my photos.

"You know how Ana is obsessed with herself? She must've been on my camera to see if she looked okay. Then she must've accidentally hit the record button without noticing. Which means my laptop recorded her at that time. All we have to do is show them the video and tell them what we figured out!" I say.

"Oh my god! Best idea ever! Let's go!" Aria says.

We drive over to the pent house. I ring the doorbell. Zayn answers. "Boys!" He shouts. Beckoning the rest of them to come over.

I say, "I know this is unexpected but we have proof that it wasn't us! Just give us 10 minutes!"

Liam says, "Okay. You've got ten minutes."

We enter the pent house. Harry sits down. I feel like I wanna hug him but I can't. I proceed on the "presentation."

"Okay, so last night we found out about the tweets. We saw that the tweet was posted at exactly 7:18 p.m."

"So?" Niall says.

"So, we were in the hot tub at that time. Our phones were in here. I have proof. Harry let me see your phone." I say.

I go through the pictures. "Look, this picture of us was taken at exactly 7:20 p.m. Neither of us got out if the hot tub while we were in there. So it couldn't have been any of us."

"Jayda I'm so-" Harry says. I interrupt him. "Save it. I'm not done."

"Harry, I'm sorry to tell you this, but your precious girlfriend, Ana, was the one who did all of this."

"My girlfriend? Ana? Since when?" Harry says.

"Since today when you two were talking and she was giggling and complimenting your bum. Anyway, being the self-absorbed brat she is, she took a little look in my camera. And accidentally recorded herself." I say.

I show the boys the video. "So how do we get back at her?" Liam says.

"We? Since when are all of us a "we" anymore?" I say.

I feel the tears start to run down my eyes. I continued to speak. And as I did the tears came harder.

"The girls and I trusted you guys. And you didn't even have the audacity to trust us when we needed you too the most." I say, sobbing.

I run upstairs to the bathroom. How could they do this?

I hear a knock on the door.

"What now?" I say.

Emily says, "C'mon Jayda, let's go."

I walk out and they hug me. By this time they're crying to. I drive them back to my house.

My mom came home about and hour later. "What's wrong, sweetie? Why are you all crying?" My mom said. Hugging us all.

"It hurts." I said.

"What hurts honey?" My mom said concerned.

"Being heartbroken." I say sobbing.

"What ever it is it will be okay. I promise." She says to us.

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