The Fallen Direction *COMPLETED*

Jayda and Emily are two American girls who are huge directioners. But when One Direction is in a crash and lands in Jayda's backyard, they are lovestruck. Slowly, Harry and Jayda fall in love, as well as Emily and Louis. But when a jealous girl finds out One Direction is in love with them, she sabotages the stay. Hacks Twitters, and posts mean things about the boys under the girls' accounts. The boys get mad and sort of ignore the girls. Will love fight until the end? Or will the relationship with the boys be ruined? Tune in for a new chapter each day. Follow me on twitter @JaydaDanielle_ for hints about the story! (:


15. The Next Morning

I woke up to Harry's sweet voice.


"Morning." I smile and get up.

"Come on. Let's go downstairs to make breakfast." I say laughing.

We go downstairs and make bacon and eggs.

I wait for the bacon to get done. Harry picks me up and puts me on the counter. Kissing me. I melt inside.

"What was that for?" I say.

"For being mine." Harry says. He smiles.

I smile back. I can't believe this. If I were to tell my grandmother that Harry Styles was my boyfriend, she'd probably call me a shrink. I was so surreal. Almost forbidden. Like a fantasy dream come to life. He meant more to me than anything now. I loved him.

"Hey, babe?" I ask. As if I'm asking him for permission to speak.

"Yes, love?" He says.

"Do you ever, you know, think about home?" I ask.

"Yes. I do. My mom and sister more than anything." He says with sad eyes.

I hug him.

"Well I've got a surprise for you." I say smiling slightly.

He looks at me with surprised eyes.

I open the door. Revealing Anna and Gemma.

"How? How did you-" Harry asks.

"Jayda set the whole thing up. Payed for plane tickets and a hotel room. I insisted in paying her back but she refused. You've got a wonderful lady here, Harry. Hold on to her."

Harry smiles, "I sure will."

He gives me a quick peck on the lips. His arm around me.

My mom comes out. "Hi, you must be Anne. You have an amazing son. " she says.

"And you have an amazing daughter." Anne replies.

It couldn't be more of a perfect moment.

"So Gems, we still up for that spa day?" I say to Gemma.

"Of course we are! Let me know when!" Gemma says.

"I can bring my friends too. They'd love you." I tell her.

"Okay! That'd be awesome!" Gemma says smiling.

I make some tea for everyone while they're in the living room.

After tea, we hug Anne and Gemma goodbye. They leave for their hotel.

"That was amazing, Jayda. I can't believe you flew my mom out here. Thank you." Harry says to me.

"I knew you missed them. It's the least I can do for my boyfriend." I say.

"Boyfriend. I like that nickname." Harry says smiling.

We decide to take a trip out to the town. Grab some fro-yo.

I wear leggings, a blazer over a pink top, and a top knot with a black bandanna as a head band. Harry wears sweat pants and a tee with running shoes.

"You look so adorable."

I feel myself blush. "Thank you." I say.

"Jayda, you mean the world to me. I love you." Harry says.

"I love you too, Harry." I say.

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