The Fallen Direction *COMPLETED*

Jayda and Emily are two American girls who are huge directioners. But when One Direction is in a crash and lands in Jayda's backyard, they are lovestruck. Slowly, Harry and Jayda fall in love, as well as Emily and Louis. But when a jealous girl finds out One Direction is in love with them, she sabotages the stay. Hacks Twitters, and posts mean things about the boys under the girls' accounts. The boys get mad and sort of ignore the girls. Will love fight until the end? Or will the relationship with the boys be ruined? Tune in for a new chapter each day. Follow me on twitter @JaydaDanielle_ for hints about the story! (:


10. Missing You.

Harry's P.O.V

I can't eat, I can't sleep, and I won't move. All I keep thinking about is Jayda. I can't text her. I miss her so much. I get a text from Ana. It's a group message with the boys. I read what Ana says :

Ana: Hey Boys. I heard what happened. I just wanted to see of you were okay.

How the hell does she know our numbers? We all start replying:

Louis: We're fine. Thank you.

Liam: Why are you texting us? You're just as guilty as the next one.

Zayn: Bye.

Niall: Umm...

Harry: How did you get our numbers?

Ana: That doesn't matter! And why are you being mean to me? What'd I do?

Louis: Sabotaged our stay to make Jayda and Emily's parents hate us.

Harry: Made our girlfriends mad.

Ana: Correction. *ex girlfriends* and why should that matter? It's in the past right? I just wanna be here for you guys.

Liam: Thanks. But bye.

That was weird. What the hell? I watch a movie to take my mind off of things. I can't bear this pain any more.

Louis' P.O.V.

Something doesn't seem right. "Don't you think it's weird that right after we- don't see the girls Ana jumps in?" I say to Harry. "It is weird. But probably just a coincidence, mate." I think. He's right. "Yeah you're right." I say.

Jayda's P.O.V.

I didn't know what to do with myself. I was crying so hard. Staring at completely nothing. Face really puffy. I open my laptop. I ignore the hate. How do the fans know about the break up. I go to my profile to change my back picture. I then see the tweet. "I DIDN'T POST THIS!" I scream. "What? What are you talking about!" Emily says. I show her the tweet. "Let me check mine!" She checks and pauses. "This is what the boys were talking about! It was Ana!" She says. I tell her, "We have to call and tell them!" She smacks the phone out of my hand. "We need proof first."

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