The Fallen Direction *COMPLETED*

Jayda and Emily are two American girls who are huge directioners. But when One Direction is in a crash and lands in Jayda's backyard, they are lovestruck. Slowly, Harry and Jayda fall in love, as well as Emily and Louis. But when a jealous girl finds out One Direction is in love with them, she sabotages the stay. Hacks Twitters, and posts mean things about the boys under the girls' accounts. The boys get mad and sort of ignore the girls. Will love fight until the end? Or will the relationship with the boys be ruined? Tune in for a new chapter each day. Follow me on twitter @JaydaDanielle_ for hints about the story! (:


7. Kissing Him

Saturday I wake up earlier than usual. I get my workout clothes on and go for a run. On my way back, I see four fangirls spying on the boys... Creepy. They scream, "YOU'RE HARRY'S GIRLFRIEND! OMG CAN I GET AN AUTOGRAPH!" I've never gave out an autograph. I said sure and sign their books. I enter the pent house. Everyone is still sleeping. I thought about going to the gym, but I can't go without them. It'd be rude. I tidy up the place and I hear Harry's sweet, raspy morning voice say, "Morning, babe!" He smiles. I tell him about the fangirls and them calling me his girlfriend. He says, "Oh. You just have to get used to it." I say, "You're so freaking cute when you first wake up." I kiss him passionately. I couldn't wait any longer. His lips were so soft. I pull away. He says, "The fans were right when they said you were my girlfriend." I smile at how charming he is. I finished cleaning. By this time it's 7:00 a.m. I make breakfast for everyone. They wake up by the time it's done. While I'm eating, my mom texts:

Hi Honey! I won't be home until Tuesday. I'm having too much fun! I hope you don't mind. If so then I can come home tomorrow.

I text her back:

Don't worry about me! Have fun mom! Tuesday is fine! I kind of wanted to stay with Emily, because we have this report due for English. Love you!

She replies:

Thanks Sweetheart! Love you too! I'll be home Tuesday evening at about 7. I'll let you know when I leave. Hope you get an A on that report!

I put my phone down and say, "My mom won't be home until Tuesday evening. So it gives us time to work on your disguise for Monday. She doesn't suspect a thing. I told her I had a report due. You guys are so lucky!

After we eat I drive everyone to the gym. It's about 5 minutes away. We work out until 8:30 and then head home. We get dressed and head to town to shop. Emily and I make sure the boys are noticeable. I walk around the mall holding Harry's hand. We go into the 1D Store and they are pretty fascinated by all things well, them.

It's 12:45 p.m. When we are finished shopping. We decide to grab lunch at Chilli's. We drive to Greensburg to hit some more shops.

We arrive home at 6. In the neighborhood , we happen to see the Wicked Witch of the West and her team of clones. Ana gives me a dirty look and I get very annoyed. I guess Harry noticed I was mad because he says, "They're just jealous. Don't let her get to you, babe." He seems to be the only person who calms me. I say, "Sorry, Haz. She just gets me so mad. And for some reason I feel like she's up to something.. Why was she in the neighborhood anyway? How did she know we were here?" We get into the house. I pace back and forth saying, "Bratfest and her robots are up to something. They followed us for some reason. I'm telling you guys now this isn't gonna end well."

We throw a bonfire. Emily and Louis are inside getting the snacks ready, so they say, and I'm in front of the fire sitting on Harry's lap. Emily comes out with a tray of different cookies and s'mores. After she passes out snacks, she sits on Louis' lap. On the stereo, Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo comes on. The boys remember the time they dance to this on 1D Day. Emily and I get up and start dancing. We do the routine from class, which is a little sexual at times. They boys get up and dance as well. We're dancing around the fire. When the song is over, Niall pulls out his guitar and starts playing Over Again. The boys sing and seem to dedicate the song. To us. We smile and sing along. "If you pretended from the start, like this, with a tight grip, then my kiss could mend your broken heart. I might miss everything you said to me."

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