Best Time Ever

Laura and Niall have been best friends since they were 2. Will they end up being more than friends? Read to find out.


1. Chapter 1: Introduction

My name is Laura Anne Bieber. I live with my brother, Justin and my sister, Addie and also my twin siblings, Jaxon and Jazmine. Addie is 23, Justin is 22, I am 19, and Jazmine and Jaxon are 5." My parents died in a car accident 5 years ago a week after they had Jazmine and Jaxon. You can only imagine the pain I suffered through, I was only 14. But my best friend, Niall has been with me through it all. He lives right around the corner from me. I couldn't live without him. I practically do have a mom. It's Niall's mom, Maura. Me and Niall have known each other since we were 2. Niall is the oldest, so he gets whatever he wants. He has 2 younger sisters, Alexis and Joanna and a little brother, Sean. Alexis and Joanna are 2 and Sean is 5. I get everything I want too, but that's only cause I am good at the puppy dog eyes. Niall has been on your for 9 months. I miss him so much. Me and him haven't talked for a couple days. I guess with him being on tour he doesn't have time for me right now. I'm used to it though. Justin barely has time for me anymore and he's my brother. Oh well. At least Addie is always there for me.

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