Remember Our Dreams

Andy and Louis were suppose to Stay together forever. So they thought. They've always planned to go to Doncaster's School of Athletics together and soon be on the Doncaster Rovers. Andy on the girls league and Louis on the boys league. All that soon goes to a waste when Louis leaves and doesn't tell Andy. When Andy realizes that maybe he just left cause he didn't love her, she forgets about him and continues to pursue the dream without Louis. What happens though when Louis is brought back into her life and she finds out the real reason why Louis left. Dreams, love, and feelings will be tested and pushed to a whole other level.

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4. Chapter 4

"I cannot believe that just happened" Louis said happily and I laugh. I look at his signed football and he looks at my signed jersey.

No we didn't get all the players but I got my favorite player to sign my shirt. it felt really good, no I didn't make a goal but I did get to play as the goalie at one point and I blocked Louis' but the other guys were a bit harder.

"Man that was such a rush it felt great" he says and I laugh as we take our seats. we had gotten snacks through the break and sat down just as they started playing again and right away Newcastle got a hand ball. the ref didn't call it so me and Louis and all the other rover fans stood up and booed as we called out hand ball.

"How are you not going to call that" Louis yells and people around agree. the ref blows the whistle still not calling it and we all just sit down angrily.

The game lasted for a bit longer and then it ended. it was a good one a very good one. Rovers are going to champions and that's all that matters, our team one. I can't wait till girls league in a few short weeks.

"We won a good game Rovers three and Newcastle one" Louis says as everyone exits the stadium. it's only three thirty and I don't really feel like going back home yet.

"Wanna grab some lunch" Louis ask reading my mind

"Yeah I was just thinking the same since I don't really wanna go back home yet"

"I know babe, thanks for coming to the game, I wouldn't wanna go with anyone else but you" he says and leans down to kiss me.

"I had fun to" I say when our lips parted. We both smile and get in the car and got in and then Louis pulled out of the stadium parking lot.

The car ride to the cafe was pretty loud, since we were just singing along to anything that played on the radio.

We arrive at the cafe 'Robins Cafe' to be exact. It's kinda a special place to us. I think we've been going here together since we were about twelve. It's were he told me he liked me, asked me out, where he first held my hand across the table, first kiss, first date, as you can see it's a pretty special place.

We both get out of the car and walk close to each other hand in hand as we enter. I look around at the old fashioned cafe and take in the wonderful smell of greasy foods and look around at the smiles on peoples faces.

"Hey Louis, Andy!!" Robin, the owner says as he jogs up to us. it's funny cause the man still does his hair like in those bloody Grease movies, but he's only in his mid thirties almost forties so it works.

"Hey Robin is our table available?"louis ask

"Even if it was taken if still give it to you love birds" he laughs and leads up to the table.

"Thanks" we both say and I sit on one end and Louis sits on the other side facing me.

"Usuals?" he ask

"Yes indeed" I smile and Louis nods

"Alright be right out with that" he says as he walks to the kitchen "Aye what burning in here!?" he says as the smoke comes through the kitchen doors. Me and Louis just laugh and shake our heads.

"That man is just crazy"

"Yeah but he's one hell of a guy" Louis says

He moves the menus to the side and he lays his hand on the table signaling me to put my hand in his. I do as he wants and I place my hand in his and he gives it a tight squeeze. 'I love you' is all I want him to say right now, but it doesn't happen.

About ten minuets later robin comes out with our plates and milkshakes and places them in front of us. Louis an I always get the same thing. He gets a bacon burger and I get a regular cheese

burger along with fries.

"Thanks robin" I'm say

"Anytime guy enjoy" he says walk away

I pick up a fri and dip it in my strawberry milkshake. Louis absolutely hates when I do that but I can't help it it's so good.

"That's disgusting" he chuckle

"O but ranch on a bacon burger isn't" I say as he puts it on his burger.

"No it's good, not as disgusting as what you're doing" he laughs

"Bacon and ranch do not mix" I say and ball up a napkin and throw it at him, but he moves to the side quickly.


"I'm glad your football ball skills are better than your dodge ball skills" he jokes

"Whatever jerk" I blush and I begin to eat


"C'mon just a few more minuets" Louis says holding on to my waist. I laugh and remove his arms from around me.

"Louis I have to go" I laugh and I peck his lips and start to walk away from his car but he grabs my wrist and pulls me back into him and presses his lips to mine.

I chuckle against his lips and I wrap my arms around his neck and just relax as I focus on his soft lips against mine.

"I've got to go" I mumble

"Few more minuets" he mumbles back

I pull away from his lips and he pouts slightly and I kiss his cheek. hey he's not the one who has to go back in the house and get bagged at for leaving when I wasn't suppose to.

"You gonna be alright?"

"Sorry about that" he says

"It's not your fault, I had a fun day with you" I smile and kiss his cheek. It really wasn't his fault though after we had lunch we went back to his house and watched a few movies, his mum made a small dinner, then I helped Lottie with her homework and then I braided the twins hair and after all that me and Louis napped for a bit. Now it's almost midnight.

"Look I'll see you later alright" I say and I peck his lips once more and he let's go of my waist and I head back.

"Andy!" he says and I stop and turn around

"Yes Louis?" I ask

He looks at me for a moment and his lips part as if he were going to say something, but then he sighs "I'll uhm I'll call you tomorrow alright" he says and I nod and turn back around. I do t really think that's what he was going to say.

Once I walk up to my front door I turn around and Louis is driving off and he waves goodbye and I smile waving back. I turn the key and push the door open and step inside.

I try to close the door quietly, I close it as quiet as I can and then I turn around and my mum and dad are standing in front of the stair case looking at me with there eye brows raised and arms crossed over their chest. why is my dad even here.

"Why are you late" my dad ask

"Why are you here?" I snap

"Andrea apologize to your father and explain why you where out this late" mum says and I shrug. I don't think what I do with my boyfriend is any of their concern.

"Why should I"

"Cause he's an adult and your father"

"Really? cause last time I check I don't have a father" I say and push past them and head up to my room. I think that I escape but I don't when they follow and push my door open.

"I just wanna sleep please" I groan

"Did you not here me this morning when I told you you're not going out with that boy" My dad says

"And did you not here me when I told you that BOYS name is Louis and also my boyfriend of four years"

"I'm not gonna stand for this attitude of yours"

"Then take a seat" I say and point at my chair at my desk. I laugh in the inside at how funny and smart ass of me to say.

"You know what" he says walking closer to me and I walk closer as well.

"What are you gonna do hit me like you hit mum" I say and he backs away as my mum rest her hand on his shoulder.

"Andrea" my mum gasp

"Get out both of you" I say pointing to my door. My dad doesn't hesitate but my mum opens her mouth to say something but then she just shakes her head and leaves and closes the door.

I change out of my cloths and I put on my pajamas and I put in Evil Dead and I turn off all the lights and pull the blank up. I feel a bit lonely but I guess maybe Risky is in Stella's room for the night.

I look at my phone and I text Louis good night but he doesn't reply back. I guess he went back home and crashed. I put my phone on the charger and I focus on the movie so I could fall asleep.

A couple hours later I jump out of my sleep due to a loud nose that was coming from the other room. Stella's room is next to mine so what the hell is she doing.

I get out of bed and then I open my door and I yawn as I walk next door to Stella's room and I knock on her door.

I hear slight sobs coming from her room and I sigh and open the door. in my mind I'm just think maybe it's another one of her emotional break downs.

I walk in and her window is wide open and she is sitting in her bed and her back is facing me. I close her door and she jumps and only turns her head slightly.

"Andy get out" she cries

"No" I say and walk closer to her slowly "are you having another breakdown?" I ask and sit next to her. Her hands are covering her face and I sigh. I know my sister is annoying but I don't like to see her cry.


"Andy please just go back to bed" she begs

"No, not till you tell me what's wrong and look at me"


"Stella I'm trying to help"

"There's nothing you can do!" she yells and removes her hands quickly and looks at me. my eyes widen and I cover my mouth in shock.

"Stella.....who did that to you?" I ask her. Her cheek had a big gash on it and a red light circle around it as if someone had hit her. she doesn't answer me she just keeps crying.

"Stella tell me now or I'm waking up mum" I threaten and she shakes her head no.

"Okay then spit it out"

"Just let me explain okay" she says and I nod. This isn't okay, she's my younger sister and I'm not going to let anyone put there hands on her.

"I was at this party" she begins

"Stella....." I sigh

"Just listen" she says and I nod my was again and try my hardest to focus on her story and not at the gash on her cheek.

"I was at this party....with Jay and I- I went to go get him a drink, I told him t-that I'd be right back and he noddd. I uhm I walked in the kitchen got him the drink and I went back to give it to him" she says shakily. She honestly looks like she's seen a ghost, I've never seen her so scared.


"A-and he looked up at me and for some reason he just looked s-so angry and I I, I mean he knocked the drink out of my hand, I asked him 'what's wrong' but he got up and grabbed my wrist and took me out side and before I could say anything he- he just hit m-me and I fell to the ground" she says and begins to cry harder

"He hit you!"

"Shhhh Andy please" she cries

"No he put his hands on you, I trusted him I actually though he was an okay guy for you, I'm gonna kill him" I say and she grabs my wrist pulling me down

"Don't tell mum and dad" she whispers and I nod understandingly. I don't wanna talk to them anyway.

"Wait has he hit you before?" I ask and she looks around before nodding her head ashamed. "and that's why you wanted my makeup" I ask and she nods again.

"Come with me" I say and grab her hand and take her to my bathroom and I get out some peroxide and I put it on a cotton ball and clean up her scratch.

"This might sound weird but could I sleep in here tonight?" she ask and I chuckle and nod my head

"Well just say Risky did it, we have to get his nails trimmed anyway" I chuckle and she smiles. I put a band aid over her face and she tanks me and goes to her room and changes quickly and comes back to my room as I replay Evil Dead.

"You watch this movies way too much" Stella chuckles

"Everyone says that"

"You even know it's true"

We both laugh and we get in my bed and turn the lights back off and lay down as we pull the blanket up and watch the movie.

"Hey Andy" she ask

"Yeah stel"

"Thanks" she says and I smile

"Your welcome but I'm going to confront Jay" I say and she sighs. I know she doesn't want me too but I have to as an older sister.

"Night Andy"

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