Remember Our Dreams

Andy and Louis were suppose to Stay together forever. So they thought. They've always planned to go to Doncaster's School of Athletics together and soon be on the Doncaster Rovers. Andy on the girls league and Louis on the boys league. All that soon goes to a waste when Louis leaves and doesn't tell Andy. When Andy realizes that maybe he just left cause he didn't love her, she forgets about him and continues to pursue the dream without Louis. What happens though when Louis is brought back into her life and she finds out the real reason why Louis left. Dreams, love, and feelings will be tested and pushed to a whole other level.

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3. Chapter 3

Movies were how they alway are when we go, fun and a little bit flirty at the same time. We watch the movie but Louis always finds away in between to kiss me or something.

Right now we were outside of my house sitting in the back seat talking and just enjoying each other's company.

"So your dads there?" He ask and I nod my head and roll my eyes.

"I think he's gonna get back together with my mum" I sigh as I play with Louis fingers that are resting on my thigh.

"Is that a bad thing?"

"Yes Louis, you know how I feel about him I don't think he deserves to be apart of my life again"

"Tell him that"

"Psh, it's not like he listens and neither does my mum and Stella she just does everything my mum does and tries to be like her, I wouldn't be surprised if Stella had a boyfriend like our dad"

" Well you'll be eighteen in just a few short months and once were both eighteen well move out together and find our own homes" he smiles.

"Just wait once I get into DSA with you we will be together even more" I smile and peck his lips.

"Yes god I can't wait your try outs that are next week just one more day after our anniversary" he says happily.

I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him close, but he places his hand user my thighs and pulls me into his lap and keeps his hands on my waist.

I smile and pull his body close to mine again as I connect our lips and kiss him passionately. I'm not really sure who deepened the kiss but all I know is it turned into a pretty heated make out session. Lou's hands were moving up and down my body and before anything else could happen we hear a tap on the glass and we both jump breaking the kiss.

We both look out the window and I see my dad and. I sigh and get out of Lou's lap.

"What" I say looking through the window. He could probably barely hear though.

"Out of the car now" he says and I open the door and step out as well as Louis.

"Something you need?" I ask him with an attitude in my tone.

"Who's this boy and what are you guys doing most importantly what was HE trying to do"

"Sir we were jus-" Louis tries to say but get cut off by my dad.

"I wasn't talking to you hoodlum, I was talking to my daughter so excuse yourself he say and I look at Louis and his eyebrow was raised

"Hoodlum?" Louis asked "I'll have you know that I'm no hoodlum what so ever I'd appreciate it if you didn't refer to me as one either"

"Whatever c'mon Andrea were going inside"

"It's Andy" I say and stay standing next to Louis "and this 'boy' is my boyfriends and he has been for three years but I guess you wouldn't know that, so you have no right to call him a hoodlum apologize" I demand

"I'm your father you listen to me so c'mon you're coming in this house right now"

"You don't even live with us who are you to tell me"

"NOW!" he says raising his voice and I jump and my eyes widen. He's never yelled at me like that before. Well maybe my mum but never face to face at me.

"I gotta go Lou" I sigh and give Louis a hug

"Call me if you need me" he whisper hugging me back. I know that neither of us wants to let go. I pull away and he sighs and I head to the house as Louis gets back in the car.

I walk in the house and my mum and Stella are at the dinner table and I walk past them almost to the step but my dad walk in the house and slams the door shut and calls my name for me to come back.

"What you got me to come back in the house what do you need now?" I say irritated

"Sit down and have dinner with your family" he says and I cross my arms over my chest.

"No I had dinner with Louis"

"Honey pop corn and junk is not dinner so come on and eat" my mum tries to say motherly but she's clearly annoyed.

"Thanks I'll pass"

"Andrea" my dad says through gritted teeth

"It's Andy"

"I'll call you what ever I wanna call you, now get in here and eat" he says and my mum walks up to him and wrap her arm around him so he'd relax.

"I'm tired and Louis is gonna call soon so night" I say and turn to go upstairs again

"And-" I hear my dad but mum interrupts him "let her go" she sighs and I hear shuffling around before I go to my room and sit the door.

I pick up my phone and click Lou's contact and wait for it to ring. about three rings later he answered and I smile as I sit on my bed.

"You alright?" he ask

"Yeah my dad's just a jerk" I shrug

"Yeah and I don't think it was friendly of him to call me a hoodlum" he says a bit offended

"I know your not but who cares about him anyway" I sigh "so what times the game tomorrow?" I ask changing the subject.

"Twelve" he says and I set my alarm on the click next to me for ten "alright so are you picking me up or are we meeting at the stadium?" I ask

"I'll pick you up" he says and I nod

"Stop nodding" he says and I laugh. I can't help it I always do that

"Sorry habit"

"It's fine babe, I think it's funny when you do that" he chuckles

"Well look Lou I think I'm jus going to shower and go to bed alright"

"You sure you're okay?"

"I'm positive you need rest to"

"Alright se you later lov- I'll see you tomorrow" he says and raise my eyebrow. I don't wanna sound skeptical but I'm pretty sure he was going to say I love you. I smile and I nod my head happily.

"I'll see you tomorrow Lou" I say and I hear him chuckle before we both hang up.


My alarm clock goes off at ten and I push the blankets back and hop out of the bed.

I head straight for my bathroom and close the door behinds me and turn the shower water on and I tie my hair up so it wouldn't get went since I've straightened it.

I undress and I step in the shower and just simply was up and all the other lady components girls do in the shower.

When I finished I get out and wrap the towel around my body and go to my room and check my phone. I put it down and then soon as I turn away to get dressed it starts ringing. Its just Louis when I answer.


"Are you ready?"

"Louis it's literally ten thirty" I say looking at the clock.

"I know but we wanna get there early for parking plus I herd some of the players will be signing some autographs and I wanna get my ball signed by some of them" he says, I could already hear the excitement in his voice.

"Okay just uhm let me get dressed alright and do other things"

"Other things like what?"

"Louis I'm a girl you have to give me these thirty minuets or it will turn to an hour" I say and before he could say anything else I hang up.

I grab my jeans my jersey and my toms basically the same outfit as yesterday, but just different jersey and different jeans.

I quickly change and then I take my hair out of the bun and brush it down and I sit down at my table and apply an ever shorter amount of makeup than usual and I slip my shoes on and then grab my phone and call Louis back.

"Hey I'm re-"

"Already on my way" he interrupts and chuckles and then hangs up on me this time. I know he doesn't live far so I run downstairs and go to the kitchen for an apple

"Where are you going in a rush?" mum ask

"Football game...Rovers....Newcastle gotta go Lou's coming" I rush trying to get out side

"You're not going out with that boy" my dad intervenes

"Uhm yes I am this is an important game for the champions I have to go and that BOY is my boyfriend of almost four years, but I guess you would know that since you've been gone" I shrug and I walk out the door without any hesitation.

I run out just as Louis pulls up and my dad run out the house to bring me back. I look behind me and I run to the car faster and I open the door and quickly get in and put my seat belt on.

"Hey ba-"

"Drive Louis!" I say and he sees my dad and pulls off.

"What the hell was that?" he ask looking back to see if he was still following us. I do the same and sign in relief.

"Nothing, he said that I couldn't go and I just got upset and walked out" I shrug

"O well anyway are you excited?" he ask as he grips the steering wheel tighter in excitement.

"Yes but I'm not sure if I'm as excited as you are"

"Sorry can't help it" he says and takes my hand in his and squeezes it lightly. I look at him and smile.

"Are you watching me?"

"Yes maybe just a little" I laugh and he turn his head and kisses me quickly and I laugh and shake my fingers in his hair messing it up.

"Hey quit it it takes time to get it like this" he say fixing it

"O I'm sorry Justin Bieber" I laugh "maybe I should just cut it all off in your sleep" I joke

"Nooooooooo don't do that I'll never be the same" he chuckle and I just shake my head and turn forward watching the rode and he drives.

About ten minuets later he pulls up at the stadium and easily finds a spot since were about almost and hour early.

We both get out and he approaches me and takes my hand in his and carries his ball in the other hand.

We walk to the front of the arena and show the security guards our tickets and they rip off the bottom and hand them back to us.

We step into the arena and look around at how big it was and we smile and look at each other. Yes we have been here before but every time we come it's like it's our first time back.

"Look there are some players on the field, I don't think we have to take our seat yet there's only a few people anyway" Lou says and leads us to the field.

"Louis we might get in trouble"

"There only practicing Andy c'mon" here says and leads us on the field all the way and my heart nearly stops being so close to the player.

It's not all of them though only Billy Paynter, Reece Wabara, Dean Furman, Kyle Bennet, Jamie McCombe, and Liam Wakefield.

"C'mon look it's Dean Furman he's you're favorite isn't he?" Louis says and we lean up against the wall watching them.

"Hey what are you guys doing on the field" Kyle Bennet says walking up to us. I don't know if I should be nervous that he's in our presence or that we are probably in trouble.

"O uhm well you see me and my girlfriend saw you guys playing and we are huge fans and well I just wanted to know if you and some of the fellas would sign my ball" Louis says

"And my jersey" I ask hopefully

Lyle Bennet take a pen that Louis had and he signs the ball happily and it turn around and he signs my shirt.

"Thanks man" Louis says

"Yeah thank you so much" I smile

"So you guys into football?" Kyle as and we both nod out heads.

"Basically obsessed" I chuckle

"Yeah it's our passion" Louis says

"Louis here he actually attends DSA in the varsity league on his first year there, he's been there two years now" I say

"And she's got a tryout next week" Louis says and places his hand on the small of my back pulling me closer to him.

"That's good hey you guys wanna meet the rest of the players?" he ask and me and Louis are shock and excited

"Yes yes of course" I say for us and Kyle whistles and the other ayers that were practicing jog over to us.

"Hey fellas check this out, they both attended DSA and this man right here made varsity his first year" Kyle tells the other boys

"Hi I'm Louis and this is my girlfriend Andy" Louis says and they all smile and shake our hands. I swear I nearly faint when I touch Deans hand.

"So you guys wanna run a few" Reece Wabara ask and we nod.

"Well we don't really have our soccer shoes on" I say

"That's cool well go easy on you guys and especially you know the lady is here" Harry Forrester says

"It's alright I can handle it" I say and they raise there eyebrows and Louis puts his ball down and we happily head to the field.

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