Remember Our Dreams

Andy and Louis were suppose to Stay together forever. So they thought. They've always planned to go to Doncaster's School of Athletics together and soon be on the Doncaster Rovers. Andy on the girls league and Louis on the boys league. All that soon goes to a waste when Louis leaves and doesn't tell Andy. When Andy realizes that maybe he just left cause he didn't love her, she forgets about him and continues to pursue the dream without Louis. What happens though when Louis is brought back into her life and she finds out the real reason why Louis left. Dreams, love, and feelings will be tested and pushed to a whole other level.

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2. chapter 2

I woke up around six, since I'm so used to it. Louis has been getting up up every morning for the past two months and now I'm just used to it.

Louis should be up to but I don't wanna call him till maybe nineish since he does have soccer practice in the morning with the boys at DSA.

I go downstairs and make a bowel of maple flavored oatmeal and grab a glass of milk and go upstairs to my room and watch some tv with Risky.

When I open my door Stella's in my room sitting at my makeup table looking through all my make up.

"Get out" I say and point to my door. She doesn't turn around and she just keeps looking for something.

"Stella get out what are you doing looking through my stuff?" I ask

"N-nothing just do you have some cover up I could use" she says

"Yeah in my bathroom" I say and I sit back down on my bed and set my food on the nightstand by my bed and looked at her as she went thorough my bathroom and grabbed it and she walked out with her head down.

"Thanks" she says and before I could say anything and she slams my door and I just look at her confused.

"She's just being Stella" I shrug looking at Risky and she barks in response. I chuckle and pick up my oatmeal and just continue to watch some tv.


"So how was practice?" I ask Lou over the phone

"It was nice wasn't too hot this morning so it was nice, O and tomorrow were going to a football game Rovers against Newcastle" he says happily. I could just see his smile now.

"What Lou those have been sold out for ages how did you manage" I ask surprised. This is the last game till the nationals and Lou got them.

"I have my ways" he chuckles


"Alright it's just one of the players sons goes to DSA and I just happen to be friends with him and you know he got us the tickets"

"That's awesome Lou"

"Okay well I'm home now so you finish getting ready and I'm going to take a shower and by the time you get here I'll be out"

"Okay bye"

"Bye" he says and we both hang. There's that feeling again. I guess texting him is a while lot easier than talking to him.

I finish up my hair and make up and then I change into a pair of jeans and soccer jersey. And I put on my black toms and head downstairs. My mum and Stella were at the island in the kitchen enjoying a cup of tea.

"You going out like that?" My mum ask

"Yeah I'm just going to Lou's" I shrug and look through the fruit bowl for an apple "why?" I chuckle

"That's uhm nice so Brendan asked about you last night" my mum says and I roll my eyes

"Oh yeah?" I ask

"Yeah her love to meet you soon, maybe today you guys could hang out or something" she says and sips her tea

"Nah it Saturday me and Louis were going to head down to the cinema like every Friday night" I say pulling out an apple

"But dad's coming over" Stella says

"And your point is?"

"He wants to see you" my mum say with sympathy in her voice and I raise my eyebrow. She's so fake I swear.

"Yeah but like I said last night I don't wanna see him and with that I end the conversation" I say heading for the door.

I reach for the door just as someone pushes it open. I look up and it's my dad and I push past him.

"Andrea!" He says and I stop and turn around and look up at him

"What John I've got to go" I say and

"Where are you going?" He ask

"Nowhere" I say and start walking down the street. I hear him call my name one more time but I just keep walking.

Gosh why does he always have to come over here. O wait my mum and him are planning to get back together. Honestly I don't want him back in my life he's a jerk. Stella and my mum don't feel that way though.

I keep walking till I'm at Louis house. His house was only around the corner so not bad of a walk.

I walk up to his porch and knock on the door. Lottie opens the door and I smile.

"Hey Lottie" I say as she opens the door letting me in and I smile and she closes the door behind me.

"Lou's upstairs taking a shower" she says and I nod and head up the stairs and too Louis' room. I push the door open and step inside an close it behind me. I take my shoes of and I grab his laptop of the desk and sit down on his bed.

I hear the shower water go off and the shower door open. I keep sitting and I open up his laptop and look at what he had left on the screen.

"Xfactor uk" I read and I frown. Why would Louis be looking at this. Maybe Lottie or fizzy were using the laptop before. I open up another tab and I go to Facebook.

I'm in the middle of looking through my messages and replying back she Louis opens the door and I look up at him and he smiles.

He's fully dressed in a pair of sweats and a regular T-shirt. He smiles back and throws his cloths in the laundry basket and walks over to me.

"You look cute in that jersey baby" he says and moves the laptop from away from me and leans down over me and presses him lips to mine.

I laugh and wrap my arms around his neck kissing him back. "You're early" he says In between the kiss and I chuckle.

"Couldn't resist you" I chuckle and we pull away and he rest his forehead on mine.

I push him off me and I stand up and sit back down by him and grab his laptop again and finish up my messages and Louis lays next to me and watches.

"Why do you even have a face book it's a waist if time" Lou says and is log out and close the laptop and lay next to him.

"It's just something I do in the side Louis" I shrug

"Too much drama"

"Shut up"

"Hey Andy?" He ask


"Could I ask you a serious question?" He ask in a serious tone


"Okay" he says and takes a deep breath "you would support me no matter what right?" He ask an I nod

"Of course Lou I would do anything for you" I smile "wait why is there something wrong?"

"No I just wanted to be sure" he says and I peck his soft lips

"I'd do anything for you" I smile

"You know what next week is right?" He ask

"Of course next week will be our fourth year together"

"That's right and do I have something special planned for you" he says and I smile and blush

"What is it?"

"If I tell you then it won't be that special cause then you already know what to expect"


"I have a surprise for you as well" I say and smirk

"Really and what's that" he says and lightly pushes me back on the bed and hovers over me.

"If I tell you then it won't be a surprise and you'll know what to expect" I say mocking his actions

"Please" he pouts

"No" I say and kiss him one more time before pushing him off of me again.

I wasn't lying though I do have something special for him. We've been together for almost four years and I was going to let him have sex with me. He's hasn't asked for it, but he's a guy why wouldn't he want it. The farthest I've gotten with Louis was second base and that's not far for how long we've been dating.

"It's only about ten what do we have planned today?" I ask

"Well I just thought we'd stay in for a bit and then later I've got to go to the store and pick up some new gear" he says and I go head over to his movie collection and take out evil dead.

"We're watching this" I say turning his tv on and setting up the DVD player

"Andy I think it's very odd that you always watch that movie" he chuckled and walked up to me and takes the case while I put the movie in.

"I just like it a lot, it's a good plot and it creeps me out everything I watch it, if you ask me that's proof that it's a good movie"

"Well what if you like try to kill me one day or something"

"Shut up you fool" I say and push him to the bed and lay down next to him and he pulls the blanket over us and we cuddle up to each other.

"I'm serious" he whispers as I skip through movie previews.

"You watch this movie too much" he says

"For god sakes Lou" I laugh as well as him and he kisses my cheek "its alright I love watching it with you" he says and the I put my hand over his mouth so he'd shut up and he licks my hand.

"I don't care if you lick my hand" I giggle. I then quickly pull it away when he bites down on my hand. "Owe you di-"

"Don't say that word" he says stopping me by putting his hand over my mouth. I frown and bite him back and he quickly pulls away.

"Stop it" I say and cuddle back up to him and continue to watch the movie.

Not long into the movie I feel myself falling asleep I look up at Louis and he's already sleep. It could kill to take a nap we still have a long time. I close my eyes and fall asleep a couple minuets later


"Andy?" Louis whispers

"Andy wake up" he says again and I slowly open my eyes and turn over and look at him

"Hmmm?" I say sleepily

"C'mon hun get out of bed it's three o'clock we slept a bit longer than expected" he says and pulls the blanket back and helps me out of the bed.

I look at him and he's fully dressed in a pair of jeans a white t-shirt and his beanie on.

I grab my shoes by his door and put them on and grab my phone. "Wait I've got to pee" I say and walk towards the bathroom down the hall

"I'll be downstairs" he says and walks the other direction downstairs as I head to the bathroom.

Once I finish I was my hands and run down the stairs talking to his mum and I walk up to them and Johannah smiles and hugs me and kisses my cheek since I didn't see her when I got here.

"We're just going to the store to get some stuff and then well be back to drop it off and then were gonna head to the cinema" he explains to her

"Alright you too have fun" she says as she runs to the kitchen to attend the tea that was now making a loud screeching noise.

"C'mon" he says taking my hand and leading me to the car. I step in and so does he and he starts the car and drives out the drive way.

"What kinda gear do you need" I yawn as I put my seat belt on.

"Well my shin guards are pretty messed up so I need a new pair of those and a new ball, the guys kicked mine on too of the roof of the school." He says

"Ahh I see" I laugh

"It's not funny" he says trying not to laugh.

"It's kinda funny" I giggle


"Andy seriously tell me which ones I should get" he says holding up two different color shin guards.

"Louis like I said before I do not care what's the point your socks cover them anyway.

"Alright black" he says and I sigh in relief and head to the check out counter with him.

"Such a hassle" I say and I grab the bag as he pays for his stuff and the lady hands him a receipt and we walk out the door.

"So we could go to the cinema now right?" I ask. I just love going with him. We do it every Friday and we follow the same routine. We pick a movie but one small popcorn and a large drink and a pack of gummy bears and yeah.

"Yes" he laughs and takes my hand as we walk back to the car.

"What movie are we even seeing" he ask as he let's go of my hand and we get in the car

"I don't know I was hoping we could see When in Rome" I smile as we put our seat belts on and Louis drives off.

"Nahh that's girly I was hoping we'd see inception" he says happily and I frown

"We both know we're going to end up fighting over this" I laugh "so let's do what we always do and see a scary movie"

"You're probably right" he laugh

"How about the new remake they have of Nightmare on Elm Street?" I suggest

"They have that?" He ask

"Yeah I've herd that it's actually pretty good"

"Alright then that's fine by me, you if it mean you getting scared like you always do and cuddle up to me" he smirks

"Well I mean what do you want me to cuddle the person next to me" I joke

"No, hell no I love it when we cuddle in public" he says and rest his hand on my thigh as we continue to make our to the theater

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