Teenage Dirtbag

A Harry Styles Fanfic that will keep you wanting more !
This Story is about Alice Rogers, That moves to a new school because of her fathers job change, that completely changes her life


6. Friday Night

Sorry the last chapter was so short !


It was friday afternoon, & I just got home from school . I was so excited about tonight. To be honest, after what happened.. My looks on Harry completely changed, But I have yet to tell my mom. Should I be scared.. Should I be excited.. what ?

"Hey Mom, I know its short notice but my friend Jacelynn asked if i would go to the movies with her tonight. She didn't tell me what movie, we will decide when we'll get there. Is that okay? "

"Well yeah, Sure. What time are you going ?"

Shit . It never crossed my mind what time were going . I guess I should make something up, so I could go a little earlier.

"I think that I should start heading out around 5." I said.

"Well okay , What theater ?"

Once again, shit .Why did I not get any of this information? It was a quick Come here, let's talk, see you friday . It wasn't a whole conversation, which sucks .

"Let me call her, I forgot !" I said ,

I walked upstairs & into my bedroom . Grabbed my cell phone and called Harry . It was still ringing but I said "Hi Jacelynn , so my mom wouldn't be suspicious ,

"Hello ," His deep voice was coming through the bottom .. and it was loud . My phone was on speaker !

{click !} I turned it off . "Heeey !" I replied !

"Oh Hi Alice! Whats up ?" Harry spoke.

"Well just asking, what theater are we going to & what time? "

"You pick love . "

"Okay ! How about meet me at Cullins Movie theater at 5:30? "

"Sounds great ! See you there . "

Woah ! glad i got that over with ! I walked down stair feeling relieved .

"Who was that ? Wa-was that a man ? " My mom said, raising her eyebrow , acting curious ,

"Oh that was her dad. I called her house phone ."

"Oh okay ."


Later that night

I was driving to the movie theater even though I could ONLY catch red lights . go figure .

I arrived seeing Harry sitting on the rail waving as my car drove by him, wearing a cheeky smile. I parked into one of the back spots because all the others were taken.

"Looks Busy ! " I said ,

"Yeah, It does . I haven't gone in yet, what movie do you want to see? "

"It doesn't really matter, im in to all of them , "

"Okay 2 tickets to After midnight please !" Harry said ,

"You like scary movies?" I said laughing .

"My Favorite , "

We got some sourpatch kids, popcorn, & 2 cherry slushes. We walked to the second room on the right, (the one the man told us to go to) & took a seat.

It was towards the middle , and I was starting to snuggle next to his chest. His arm was already around me, he was so warm, & his skin was so soft.

There were a couple of jumpy parts , and everytime he would hold me a little closer.

The movie was over, and we walked out side.

"That was really good" he said .

"Yeah it was, a little jumpy , but I liked it . " i replied .

For some reason, I knew there was a connection. There was a spark between it , and before you know it, we were kissing, with a lot of passion.

We don't know each other that well & this is the most ive ever kissed anyone in my entire life . It was beautiful , amazing. It could last forever.

Others were taking pictures , laughing smiling, while I was making out with a kid i hardly knew.

He went from my lips, then to my cheeks, then to my neck, & so forth. it was perfection .

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