Teenage Dirtbag

A Harry Styles Fanfic that will keep you wanting more !
This Story is about Alice Rogers, That moves to a new school because of her fathers job change, that completely changes her life


2. Familiar

I was mesmerized, His deep voice.. His eyes.. His curls.. everything about him wad hypnotic.

I sat down next to him. Mrs. Onto (our language arts teacher) Started teaching us again , expecting us to learn what we already know.

She called on me a few times, I wasn't paying attention, so i didnt know, but everytime i mumbled what I thought was the answer, I would feel hot breath tickling my neck. Harry was helping me with things i didnt know, even though I thought he didn't know them either .

The bell rung , while me & Harry were the last ones out, Mrs. Onto stopped me .

"I know you probably think hes cute & all, but stay away from him. Hes a very bad influence ." States my language arts teacher .

"O-Okay" i nodded in agreement.

I was confused at first, but later in the day, I realized hes more of the popular-heartbreaker kind of guy . There were girls all over him. In the hallways, in the lunch room, even in the men's room, atleast 1 girl was beside him.

"Today went by pretty quick," I told my mom on the way home .

"Did you have a good day ? & also Alice, do you think you could drive here tomorrow ? It was very hard driving you here & then having to rush home to get Emma. With your father not home and a-"

i cut her off . "Yes, and yes, & I understand fully ."

"Well good . "

I have no absolute idea why, but the rest of the car ride home was very ... awkward . we didn't talk or anything , it was quiet . The only sound was our deep breaths we took.

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