Liams Love

hey its me rose i am 19 i love singing,dancing,reading,writing and ONE DIRECTION!!! i am your average 19 year old i like Liam and i love everyone in his band not just him thought what happens when i meet him find out in Liams Love


2. Liam

         When we got there and i saw all the people just run up and down,jump up and down,faint and cry i was the one who just looked at them and like freaked out when i when back stage!! When they where done they when't back stage and Liam walked up to me and he said "hello love." and i surprisingly did not freak out and cry said "hi Liam" "How do you know my name?" he said i giggled at that smart remark.We were really hitting it off when he said "Want to go on a date i mean you seem pretty cool about meeting a person from One Direction" he smirked i giggled and said "Ya what time?" well i will text you when i got the time "but, you don't happen to have a piece of paper and pen do ya?"  "ya here" he handed me the paper and i wrote my number and he wrote his and tore it handing me his and keeping mine. I when't to Zoe she was with Harry and Louis i walked up and said "You got a date yet?" i laughed at what i said then she got mad "well i do hump!" "with who?" "Harry' she replied "aww you can do worse!" i told her and we laughed i said "well i don't  know what time i got a date to oh oh oh i just got a idea dubble date!!" i yelled and shrieked in excitement. We had to go it was getting dark i knew the date was not in a long time witch i just meant today witch went by very slow! i was so bored then i saw a piece of paper sticking out of my bag Liam's number! I took it out of the bag and dialed it "hello is this Liam " i said  "this is he" he responded "this is rose the person you meet at the concert" we talked for a long time witch made me  happy until i heard a voice that i did not know say "hey! time to go liam!"  "sorry manegmant needs me bye love" i heard him say    


sorry for the crapy chapter guys i am new and young under ten so please please please dont be mean i have to go to great wolf loge and well i cant do this much!! i am so very very sorry!! :'(

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