Liams Love

hey its me rose i am 19 i love singing,dancing,reading,writing and ONE DIRECTION!!! i am your average 19 year old i like Liam and i love everyone in his band not just him thought what happens when i meet him find out in Liams Love


3. a promise

      He promised that we would finally have that date. when we got there it was really fancy I have never seen anything like it! It was called Acquerello he arrived and picked me up I was wearing a long blue dress a little coat (black and white.)And he looked amazing i mean a nice fancy tux and when he winked at me a swear I had a Heart Attack! (if you don't get it Heart Attack is a song of theirs!)  we talked and ordered then out of no where he said "are you free tomorrow?" "ya, why?" I said "I was wondering if you would like to go to a party that I am trowing." "oh then yes i'll come." and then I just had to ask "you can have any girl any time why me?" "I don't want just some girl I want you and all of you I want to know you I to be yours I don't care about those other girls I want and love you!" I blushed tomato red we talked for ages then the one thing that lit up my world they played my favorite song Little Things! Liam could hear me sort of singing to it and said I was really good. I started to blush after that night when I got into sleeping close and started thinking to myself omg I was seen LLN(laughing like Niall), talking, and flirting with Liam Payn!! "What just happened!" I said as I drifted to sleep.The next morning I was so happy even thought it was Sunday my 2 end favorite day of the week cuz, i'm going to party hard with my celeb crush!I put on some short shorts a tmh tour shirt. first I had to run so  I got my mp.3 ate when't out the door and ran. when i started running my bully who teased me of being stupid and fat came up to me and said "what are doing here idiot no one needs you no one at all so why don't you just go die in a hole!" she shoved me "leave me alone it very sad that all you can do in life is fail at being a bully." i started to walk away and then she grabbed me i looked over and she punched me strait in the face. Liam who was luckily on a walk over to my house for breakfast saw what was going down and fought for me she didn't know who he was. Thank god she would be spreading rumors about me and liam from one direction dating which would be true.I was balling at this moment and fell asleep liam brought me to his house and cleaned the cuts on my face which really hurt btw he knew I was awake when he said "why would someone do this to such a cute nice and funny girl?!" and I started to blush. He looked over and said "ah your finally awake" "yep" i moan trying to stretch but, i was in pain and that made it worse. "whats for breakfast?" i ask "um we have cereal" "okay" i climb out of his bed looking in the mirror i saw i monster starring at me i looked terrible. i grabed my hair brush out of my purse and did my hair that was a little better. I zoomed out of the bathroom got a spoon and a bowl and some coco puffs and made some cereal. Liam can and looked at me strange oh now i get it the spoon then he poured milk in his cup and cereal in the bowl. it was well, kind of weird as i walked past him he looked scared and when i was rinsing off the bowl Niall, Harry, Louis, and Zayn walked in as we said hello i looked at the time "oh crap i have to go my mom must be worrying and what happened did i miss the party?" "no i canceled if you want we can still party." " that sounds great!" so we did not party hard today i didn't do anything hard since i was hurting everywhere!       

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