Family stranger


2. New chapter

It felt weird following a stranger. I felt almost unsafe, I just kept lying to myself telling myself that he was family so it was fine. He wasn't, he was just some guy I had just met who was related to me. He wasn't family.

His flat was small, messy, but not overly. A few cans of beer laid about the place, but that was expected of a young guys flat in South London. I sat done on the sofa and put my handbag down.

"Nice place" I said politely, still unsure what to talk about.

"Er yeah. Look I have a few mates coming round. Might be better if you waited in the back room."

Again. My curiosity was too strong, "no. I want to get to know you and the people you talk to. You are my older brother after all"

He looked over at me. I could see he seemed slightly concerned. He sighed and came and sat next to me, "look. I was the one who was put into foster homes and had a completely different upbringing to you. My life isn't as peachy as I reckon you're used to ok?"

I looked at him, once again my curiosity got the better of me, "so? What happened?"

"Moved about a lot. No one really wanted a child like me. Got into a lot of trouble at school got no grades. So now I make my living by doing favors for mates"

"Like what?"

"Oh you know, getting rid of irritating problems they have around the house. Or at their work place occasionally. Pays well so I don't mind"

"So you do their DIY basically?"

"Sure. We'll go with that" he sniggered to himself.

I sat uncomfortably, unsure what he was on about. I should have left then but I was too curious. I had to find out what was so apparently dangerous about this guy, and what he really did for money.

Suddenly his door burst open a tall muscular man walked in. He had a tear drop tattoo under his left eye and sleeve tattoos up both arms. He walked in, didn't even smile at Steven. As soon as he noticed I was sitting there he held a deathly glare at me until he sat down.

"Whys this ho here then?"

"Excuse me?!" I found myself exclaiming.

He stood up, pushed the coffee table that was separating me from him over as he did so.

"Why is she speaking out of place?!" The man shouted.

My brother hurried over and stood in front of me, "no no, she's my long lost sister. She's just staying for a while. She'll be no bother."

"And she'll keep her mouth shut?!"

"Of course! I'll make sure of that" Steven turned around and glared at me as he said this.

I suddenly felt more unsafe then I had ever felt in my life. Why did I trust this stranger? And what the hell did I just get myself involved in?!

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