2. chapter 2.


The next week I left Doncaster to go spend the summer with my Aunt Serena. She owned a clothing line all the way in Los Angeles, in the United States, and had agreed to let me work there for the summer. Working with my Aunt was wonderful and kept me busy enough to take my thoughts off of Trace. I slowly started getting better and learning to live my life without caring what other people thought of me. I went on a few dates but never had anything serious. I talked to Louis some the first few weeks but we slowly lost touch as our lives started getting hectic. Of course I thought of him a lot, especially at nights when I would get lonely.


Evidently I was pretty good at working with the clothing line because when the summer ended and it was time for me to go home, Aunt Serena asked me if I would like to stay and continue working for her. Of course I said yes, it was kind of an offer I couldn’t turn down. I knew if I went back all I would do is bring Louis back down, and there was basically nothing left for me back in my home town.


So I stayed, and I worked, and worked some more. I would spend countless hours at my office, living on a few hours of sleep a night. But what could I say? I loved my job. Everyday was the same. I would get up, get dressed, go to work, come home, sleep. The cycle went over and over. Time flew by, tho it didn’t really seem like it. The next thing I knew it had been almost three years since I came to work for my Aunt.


I was sitting at my desk one day when my Aunt came to talk to me, “Haley, you’ve been working here for a while now.” “Yeah,” I answered, confused. “Haley, you're twenty years old. You don’t need to be sitting in an office for the rest of your life.” “I don’t mind, really.”


“I know you don’t, but,”




“But, I want you to take some time off. Go home for a little while.”


“You want me to go home? To where? Doncaster. I’ve already told you there is nothing for me there.”


“Your friends, and family are there.”


“So? You're my family too.”


“Haley, you haven’t been home in two years, and its almost Christmas. End of discussion. Your flight leaves in two days.”


“Two days!”


“Yes, I suggest you go home and pack. I’m sorry.” Then she walked out of the room.


Great, just great. I’m being shipped back to Doncaster in two days.


Two Days Later

I woke up and took a shower, then got out, and straightened over my hair. I ended up wearing some black leggings with a navy blue and white striped oversized shirt, and a red scarf, with black boots. I put on my make-up and packed the rest of my stuff, to get ready to go to the airport.


I got to the airport a few hours later, and waited for them to call my flight.  I decided to call my friend Miley, who still lives in Doncaster and tell her that I am coming and ask her what she is doing tonight. We make plans to go to this club that everyone up there goes to, and before I know it they call for my flight.


After hours of flying on a plane and a long car ride I finally show up at my mom’s house.

I get all of my stuff out of the car and go knock on the door. After a couple of seconds it swings open. “Haley? I didn’t know you were coming.” I smile at the shock on her face and say, “Hi, mom.” Then she pulls me in for a hug. “Come in, your room is set up just how you left it. How are you?”


“I’m great mom, calm down. Where is bubba? How is he?”


“He is great. He should be home from school any minute now. He is going to be so surprised. He has missed you, Haley. Don’t be such a stranger.”

“I know, I am sorry. I am going to put this up, really quick.”  


“Okay, dear.”


I walked through my old house, to my small room. She wasn’t kidding when she said it was exactly how I left it. I hung up all of my clothes and put my stuff in my bathroom. When I was finished I started looking for an outfit for tonight. “Haley. The bus just pulled up!” My mom yelled and I laughed and walked up towards the front of the house. “Hey, Jacob. How was your day?” She asked him walking with him into the kitchen. “It was good.” He said, sitting down at the table. After he started telling her about his day I walked up behind him and tapped him on his shoulder. “Hey, bubba.” “Haley!” he yelled turning around and hugging me. “ I missed you.” I told him hugging him back. “I missed you too,” he answered. What do you want for dinner, Haley. Since you're the guest.” My mom asked leaning up against the counter. “I’m actually going out tonight. I know its my first night back, but I figured it would be good for me.”


“Oh, okay.” my mother answers.


“I should actually be getting a shower, right now.”


“Oh, alright honey. Just be safe okay?”


“I will.” I laugh and walk away to go take a shower.


I got out of the shower then blow dried and curled my hair. I put on my makeup, a little darker than usual, and got dressed. I wore a short black dress that was skin tight and strapless. It had a gold sequined belt around the upper waist. I wore my gold sequined pumps with it. Once I was completely dressed I called my friend Miley to tell her I was ready. It was about 6:30 so we decided to get something to eat before we head to the club.


We finally got to the club around eight. The first thing I did was head for the bar and get my favorite drink, a sex on the beach lux. We danced for a while, and a couple of drinks later I was completely drunk and dancing on this guy. He was really hot, he has brown hair that was kind of long and curly and these beautiful green eyes. After a while when our dancing got intense he leaned down to my ear and whispered, “Let’s get out of here.” Of course me not thinking straight with all the alcohol that was running through my body, I said, “Why didn’t you ask me sooner?” He smiled that sexy little smirk of his and pulled me towards the exit.


He called for a taxi, and we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other the entire way there. We finally arrived at this apartment complex and he led me up the stairs, every once in a while pushing me against the wall and kissing me, or grabbing my butt.

When we finally got to his apartment he pushed me up against the door and sucked at my neck while fumbling to get his keys and unlock the door. The next thing I know he is unzipping my dress and my back hits something soft, which I am assuming is his bed. We kiss a while and slowly shed layers of clothes, then he hands me a little silver packet. And I am pretty sure you know what happens from there. ;)

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