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     When I was a little girl I always dreamed of living in huge castles with my prince by my side, waking up ever day to the man of my dreams, the love of my life. Growing up I learned that all those dreams were just that, dreams. In life there were no princes with giant castles, or knights in shinning armor to come to my rescue. Those things were just a fantasy. In real life there are ups and there are downs, and nothing is perfect. There was no love, at least no love that actually lasted.

18 Years Old

"Louis!" I yelled running across the playground, "come swing with me!" "Louis, come swing with me." I heard in a mocking voice. One of the older kids on the playground had decided to come and pick on me. "Louis," he mocked again, this time pulling on my pigtail. "Stop it." I yelled at him, but surely that just made him laugh more. "Stop!" I screamed one last time before I woke up to someone shaking me.

"Haley, wake up." My eyes shot open as my mom pulled my covers off of me. "You were having another bad dream." she said walking out of the room. "What time is it?" I called to her getting out of the bed and walking into my bathroom. "Seven o'clock. Hurry or you will be late for your last day of school. I can't believe my baby girl is graduating. Louis should be here any minute."

I groaned looking in the mirror at my hair. It was naturally wavy so I decided I would just brush it out and let it be. I threw on a one sleeved black, orange, blue, and white melting pot dress with some orange wedges, then put on some makeup, grabbed my phone, and ran down stairs.

"Haley!" Louis yelled from the bottom of the stairs. "Sorry, I'm coming." I yelled running past him towards the kitchen. I grabbed a protein bar and yell at my mom, "Who is taking bubba today?" "He is staying with your dad tonight. " I nodded my head and took off towards the car grabbing Louis's wrist, and my bag.

"Running late today, huh?" Louis asked me cranking up the car. "Yea, sorry. Long night." He groaned at the thought. Louis couldn't stand my ex boyfriend Trace. "When are you going to give up on him already, Hales?" "You already know the answer to that, Lou."

Trace and I had been together for years. He was very judgmental of me, but there was just something about him that I couldn't let go of. A couple of months ago we started fighting and he yelled at me, and called me ugly and fat. As a result of that I stopped eating, and when I did eat I would end up throwing it back up. Louis found out and told my mom, which resulted in me going to a doctor and being diagnosed as being bulimic. I've gotten better since then but I have started cutting some and Louis hates it.

"You didn't, did you?" he looks at me, his face dead serious. I looked away from him self-consciously grabbing my wrist. "Haley, you can't do this again." I continued to look at the window, tears starting to fog up my vision. He sighs and grabs my wrist from me. I snatch it back from him, "No, I didn't. I'm trying Louis. Just give me some time."

About that time we got to the school and both got out of the car and headed to our classes.

I met Louis after school at the car and we drove to my house to get ready for graduation. "I'm going to take a shower." I told Louis as we walked into my room and he laid down on my bed. Our families were so used to us being friends they thought nothing of him being in my room, on my bed, like they did with other guys. After my shower I wrapped up in my towel and walked into my room to get my white dress and undergarments from my room. Louis went to shower as I changed and blow dried my hair.

After my hair was completely dry Louis was out of the shower and dressed in his khakis and white button down shirt and tie. I laughed when he walked out. "What?" he asked looking down. "Can you believe this is happening? We are actually graduating." He gave me a little half smile and shook his head. "Not at all."

I continued to get ready and ended up curling my blonde hair in loose bouncy curls and putting on my makeup lightly, using browns to highlight my green eyes. "Ready?" I asked Louis after slipping on my white high heel shoes. "Yea, how do I look?" he asked standing up and straightening out his outfit. "Extraordinarily handsome, as normal." I smiled at him then looked at him with the same expression he gave me, "What about me?" "Beautiful as always." he smiled then grabbed my garment bag that had my cap and gown in it and we headed to the car.

After graduation Louis's family and mine went out for dinner together. It was kind of a daze to begin with, but in the middle of dinner it hit me. Louis and I would be starting college soon. He would be at some music school and who knows where I would end up. What if this is it for us?

"Haley. Are you going to Louis's or coming home with us?" My mom asked me after I zoned out, my brain taking over my body. "Oh, um. I'm not sure. Louis?" I asked looking at my best friend who was in the middle of conversation with his younger sister Lottie. "You can come with us. If you'd like." Louis answered, cutting his conversation with Lottie short. "Okay then, I think we should get going." My mom answered and we all stood up. She gave me one last hug before paying for her meal and leaving.

I got in the car with Louis and we started going to his house, "Your quiet." He says when we pull up at his house. I nod my head and get out of the car and walk to his room. "Goodnight guys, love you!" Miss Johannah yells down the hall. "Goodnight, love you." We both call back to her.

When we get in his room I walk over and sit on his bed while he begins changing. "I'm already tired of wearing this." he laughs sliding on a t-shirt and some sweat pants. "What's wrong?" he asks turning around and walking to sit beside me on the bed. I shake my head, but he nudges me and laughs, "Haley, you can tell me anything, I am your best friend after all."

"I've just been thinking," I answer standing up to go to my drawer to get some clothes to sleep in. That's right, I have a drawer at his house. I practically live here. "About?" he asks. I sigh and go back to sit beside him. "Graduating, college, us." "What about us?"

"You are going to be going to some huge music school, I will probably end up being a designer or something somewhere. What if this is it for us Louis? How can we keep up our friendship living two separate lives?"

"We will make it work, Hales, what else would we do?" "I don't know. You're going to end up leaving me Louis. I know it. Your wonderful, I'm just holding you back." "You are not holding me back, Haley. Why would you think that. You are my best friend I don't know what I would do without you." "Really?" "Yes. Now go change where we can go to sleep. Its been a long day."


**Author's Note**

Hey, I figured I would just catch you up on me and the story. My name is Haley and I have previously written on another account and started this story there but an now rewriting it here and changing the story line, so no I didn't steal this story, it was mine to begin with. I am a big freak about grammar and errors, but I do have a few pretty often so please excuse them! I will also try to update as much as I can, but I am in high school and live a pretty hectic life most of the time. I normally base my stories off of songs, music is a huge inspiration to me. I couldn't live with out it. So I will try and put at the beginning of the chapters the song I was listening to when I wrote the chapter. This particular chapter I was listening to Story of my Life - by One Direction, and Say Something - by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera. But previously when I was writing it I was basing the story off of Everything has Changed - by Taylor Swift. I really appreciate feed back, please comment what you think. I take bad and good comments. Or you can kik me @haleymarie2016. Oh and I have an Instagram for this story, I post outfits and things about the story. The account is the same as mine on here, kidonthestairs . Thanks for all that you do, and of course for reading this huge note. Remember to like and comment! Love you all!

-Haley Marie<3

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