We thought it was over

Sequel to My five miracles!! So this story is about after harry and connie,Niall and Natalie have been dating for a few years and graduated. Harry and Niall say 4 words that suprize Natalie and Connie but other suprize awaits them.......


14. Zayn tells the truth....

Connie P.O.V~

I was beyond happy to finally home. We all stayed up for a few mintues then we went back to sleep. It was great to be with Harry, my best friend and the guys.

The next morning, I woke up early with Natalie and we went down stairs to make breakfast but as we started to get out the stuff and Niall came downstairs. "No no no. Babe we going out to go get Nandos. Dont worry about cooking. We got this." He smiled and kissed Natalie on the cheek as he hugged her from behind. "Okay see you in a while. Who is going?" Natalie asked.

"Harry,Louis,Liam, and me. So Zayn and you and Connie are staying because we dont want anymore suprizes." He said smiling as they left.

"So how did you do it?" Natalie asked as we sat on the couch. "Do what?" I asked. "Escape from Maria!" She said. "Its kinda of a long story though." I said as I laughed. "Dont worry I got time!" Natalie said excitedly. Then she answered her phone that rang.

"Hello. Yea. Uh huh. But I cant this morning. But sir. Okay fine I'll be there in a bit." She sighed as she hung up. "Boss call you in again?" I asked even though I knew the answer already. "Ugh. Yes! Well i got to go." She replied. "Okay but is who is going to stay with me?" I asked. "Remember Zayn and I are staying with you. Zayn is upstairs but I dont know if he is awake."she reminded me. I laughed and hugged her goodbye as she aalked out the door. I sat on the couch bored as I watched spongebob on the tv.

Zayn P.O.V~

I was just waking up as I heard Harry and the rest of the guys tell the girls they were going to Nandos to go get food. I knew that I was staying and so was Natalie. I thought today was the day I tell Connie the truth.

I was scared but I got up. Then I heard Natalie say she had to go to work because her boss called her in. I knew know was the perfect oppertunity. I got ready and I heard the tv turn on and it was silent except for the tv. I walked downstairs and I saw Connie turn around. "Good morning!" I said and gave her a smile as I went in the kitchen and grabbed my iphone that was charging.

"Hey Zayn! You just wake up?" She asked as I sat next to her. "No. I was just getting ready. Where is Natalie?" I said. "Oh she got a call from work. And where you going you look really nice. And handsome." She said as she poked me and giggled. "No. I just felt really happy today and decided to look good." I laughed as I answered her question. She laughed back and smiled. I put my arm around her but layed it on the couch. "So you still watching Spongebob? I thought that was for little kids." I said as I looked at the screen and laughed. "Hey stop laughing! Its funny and yes I still watch it! Dont you?" She said as she giggled and pushed me playfully. "Hey hey i guess i do still watch it." I said and smiled.

I knew i had to tell her sooner or later,so i thought why not know?

"Connie. Can I tell you something really important?" I asked quietly as silence filled the room. She looked at me. "Of course Zayn! You know you can tell me anything." She smiled as she turned of the tv and turned to look at me. I looked into her beautiful eyes. I knew I had to tell her, and this was the perfect moment.

"Well I dont know how to say this but...." I paused and she looked at me like she wanted me to continue. "Well I love you! I always had. At first I thought of you as a friend but then as the years went by I started think that you are perfect and that I like you. I know you have Harry which is why I never said anything but I knew I had to tell you because I had to get it out I couldnt bare nit saying anything...." I blurted out then covering my mouth when I realized what I just said. Connie looked at me with no reaction and we looked into each other eyes. "Zayn.... I dont know what to say...." She said quietly looking down. "Im sorry i didnt mean-" i said but was cut off by her grabbing my hand. We looked into each others eyes again. But then I did something I was going to regret alot and Harry would probably beat me up for.....

I leaned in and kissed connie.

I thought she would pull back but she kissed me back.

"Connie-" I started to say as we stopped. "Zayn its okay. Im glad you told me." She said and she smiled. "I know you love Harry and I dont wanna ruin that. So we just have to promise not to tell anyone." I told her and smiled back. "Wait but who else knows?" She asked. "Um well i only told Louis. I panicked. I had to tell someone." I said quietly.

I smiled back at her and told her that iy was okay if she didnt like me back because she has Harry and they are getting Married! "Its okay Zayn. But we can be close friends. You are like my bestest friend besides Natalie." She said as she smiled. "Thank you." I said as I kissed her cheek and she hugged me. We hugged for a long time but then we heard the door knob move and we heard keys. "O my god they're back." I said as we pulled apart quickly and sat normally on the couch and turned on the tv.

Luckly we stopped hugging right when Harry came in. "Hey babe. Hey Zayn." He said as he gave connie a kiss on the cheek and Smiled at me. "Where is Natalie?" Asked Liam. "Oh she had to go to work because her boss called in." I answered. "Oh well is she coming back soon?" Asked Niall putting down the food. "Yea she just texted me saying she is just around the corner." Connie said as she checked her phone.

"Im here!" Natalie sang as she walked in. "Natalie! Yay!" Niall yelled as he ran up to Natalie and hugged her. "Nice to see you honey." Natalie said and laughed as she put her things down.

"Zayn can I talk to you?" Louis said as he gave me a serious look. "Sure" I said as we ran upstairs.

Louis P.O.V~

When Zayn said Natalie left for a while I started to think what happened while we were all gone and it was just Zayn and Connie....

I told him I needed to speak with him because I wanted to know. We went upstairs so no one can hear us. "Zayn! What the heck?!" I whispred. "What?" He asked calmly. "I mean what happened with you and Connie? We all left so something must have happened." I said as I raised my eyebrow at him and criosed my arms. "Well I sorta told her how I felt....." I said quietly looking at the floor. "Omg! Zayn. Why? I mean what happened like what did you say and what did she say?" I asked impatiently. He told me everything and I just sat there shocked knowing I couldnt tell no one anything.

"Well Zayn at least she didnt freak out." I smield unsured. "True true." He said back. "Well Zayn im sorry to say but Harry has to find out sooner or later." I told him. I knew he didnt want to know that but it was true. We talked some more and then went downstairs. "Vas happenin!" Zayn yelled happily as we entered the kitchen. I saw Connie smile at him and they looked at each other for a while.

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