We thought it was over

Sequel to My five miracles!! So this story is about after harry and connie,Niall and Natalie have been dating for a few years and graduated. Harry and Niall say 4 words that suprize Natalie and Connie but other suprize awaits them.......


4. The Wedding

Natalie P.O.V~

Finally....the big day was here. Me and connie were getting ready for our wedding in a dressing room while Guys got ready in the other room. I was done and I saw Connie starring blankly at the mirror as her hair was getting done. "Are you okay Connie?" I asked her. "Huh?" I saw i broke her from a trance she was in. "Yea Im fine."she answered quickly. "Connie stop thinking about Maria. Its your big day! You should be excited! Besides how would she possibly find you." I assured her. "You're right Natalie. Now lets go!" She said giving me a smile and she grabbed my hand leading me to the side of the church so we are ready to enter when they play the song.

Liam P.O.V~

Me and boys were getting dressed while the girls were also getting ready in the other room. I finished changing and walked out to see Harry sit on a chair starring blankly at the floor. "Whats wrong Harry?" I said as I approached him and took a seat beside him. "What? Oh. Um nothing." He said still looking at the floor. "Dont worry mate. Maria wont hurt Connie. She would never find her. Besides we will protect her.All of us." I said as I gave him a pat on the back. He smiled at me and said "Well what are we waiting for Mate. We have a wedding to attend!" He got up and we all went to our places and then the music started playing.....

Niall P.O.V~

The music started playing and then the doors flew open and out came walking the first bride.....

I saw Natalie walking down the isle and she look gorgeous. I smiled as I saw her come and stand next to me. "You look beautiful" i whispered to her. "And you look really handsome she whispered to me. And then we saw Connie start to walk down the isle after Natalie stood next to me.

Harry P.O.V~

After Natalie walked next to Niall, I turned around to find Connie start to walk down the isle. She was beyond gorgeous. Her eyes twinkled as she looked up to see me there waiting for her. But then suddenly the unexpected happened......

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